Koffeekid’s Rez-Day Party

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So much fun stuff happened last night at Koffeekid‘s Rez-Day party. Read the rest…

We have rhythm

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Playing the drums at scout camp. We were standing around riding bikes and hopping around. I started playing the drums and everyone joined. We sounded pretty good! That’s 8-year-old Seth on the left, then me, then Jess Patton, and Trodden Miles. Playing Drums at Scout Camp

Seth’s Basement

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Hangin’ out in Seth’s basement is a good way to get away from the grown-ups for a while. Seth is a little older — he’s twelve. I think he’s really cool. Anyway, his basement is cool. There are old toys he doesn’t play with anymore, packed away in boxes. There are cards and dice. You don’t have to pick up after yourself. There are roadsigns lying on the floor! I wonder how he got those? Some of his friends stopped by to visit. They were ((left-to-right)) Atreju Jungsten, Seth Mandelbrot, Adz Childs, Trodden Miles, Gelgisith Kivioq, Karus Doesburg, and Mafiafox Asturias. Seth’s Basement 1
Seth’s Basement 2

Scouts Visit Grendel’s Children

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Today the Cub Scouts of Second Life and the Boy Scouts of Second Life took a field trip to Grendel’s Children. Boy Scout PL Wolverine Trodden Miles lead the trip. I think the best part about this trip was that we were allowed to explore on our own and report back to a meeting point after a while, instead of staring at the backs of the leader’s sneakers as usual. Read the rest…

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