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I dunno what happened. I was flipping through the channels, and this came on. Read the rest…

It’s My Rezday! [Update]

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Yup… two years, today, I rezzed onto the grid for the first time. I should be online soon to visit all my favorite places and say hi to all my friends. By coincidence, my player had a pretty nice day today. Just a few more RL things to do before he can get in world. I’ll update here if anything interesting happens. Read the rest…

Candy Land

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Today I had some friends over. We played Candy Land! Read the rest…

Watching In Delight

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Today I watched my friend Janor play The Grateful Dead. Sok set up bean bag chairs, and I shared one with Koffeekid. He squirms alot but thats okay he sticks around even though I keep elbowing and tickling him. adz watches janor 2
adz watches janor 4 adz watches janor 5

Koffeekid’s Rez-Day Party

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So much fun stuff happened last night at Koffeekid‘s Rez-Day party. Read the rest…


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Today I woke up, got dressed, and met my dads downstairs by their club. I helped them fix a few things with the build, and we all decided today would be a good day for a family outing. I picked the place… Greenies! I asked if I could invite a friend and they said sure. So I invited Koffeekid. Sokmunky caught up with us later but she missed the pictures. Read the rest…

New Year’s Day

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I woke up on my bedroom floor, my mouth covered in dried, crusty ice cream. I don’t know how that happened. But I brushed off my clothes and made my way to The Merry Prankster for a Happy New Year: A Grateful Dead Breakfast. Janor Slichter, daddy to 5 of my good friends and excellent guitarist, was Jamming out there, within a sequence of five GD tribute artists. It was a full region. I couldn’t see very well, so my #1 babysitter, Sokmunky Rutabaga, let me ride on her shoulders! After Janor’s set, I relaxed with his family, and took some pics.
Left-to-right: Johnathan Raymaker wearing a Klingon costume, 5 dancing Dead-heads, Me, riding on Sokmunky’s shoulders, The artist on stage, Montavious Peccable, Aunt Elizabeth, and Janor is the one with cool shades. Janor and Liz are parents of Sok and Johna (and Koffeekid, kellie, and Gabriel, who I will introduce sometime soon) Adz at GD Breakfast 1
Me riding on Sok’s shoulders, enjoying the concert, where I am right now. Adz at GD Breakfast 2

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