Big Stinkin’ Deal!

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What Eddie Knows: Researchers Creating Learning AI In SL.
So, he can understand basic language, learn, and perform reasoning like an under-four-year-old. And, he’s in the shape of a four-year-old in Second Life.
So What! He’s not so smart. I’m waaaaaay smarter. Why do people make such a big deal about this? *Sigh*
Same thing with dolphins. Everyone’s always saying how smart they are. Pfffffttt. yeah right. Big deal! All they do is eat fish all day. I’m way smarter than them, too. I don’t see them building skyboxes or creating HTML on a prim!
(( I think I will send these researches a cuter boy shape and hair. You can’t see little Eddie’s eyes! ))
eddie answers
dumb dolphin
adz does html-on-prim

SLNameWatch on New World Notes

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I haven’t written much about after creating this blog. So far I only mentioned it in passing in some of my previous posts. Meanwhile, Wagner James Au has been brewing this great post all about my SLNameWatch website. So I’ll just direct you all there. Saying more about it would just be repeating myself (I had alot to say about it already LOL). Adz In New World Notes

2008 Predictions

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Everyone else is doing it. And, NWN has set a deadline of midnight tonight for our official predictions for SL 2008. Naturally, my 10 predictions focus around what I know best: the child avatar community, last names, software development, and virtual finance. Hey! The convergence makes total sense, to me. . Read the rest…

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