KIDS5B – Crafts Center

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Kids5B exhibit Art Center by Adz Childs, Alton Icarus (49, 90,23)
This is an art center designed after art classrooms found in elementary school, or activity centers found at summer camp. I created this exhibit because one of my favorite things to do is color and create things used for coloring. My new brother David must like it too, because one of his first creations is an easel which he calls ‘caballete dibujo’. I put it out on display too. Read the rest…

KIDS5B – The RanDom Family

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Kids5B exhibit The RanDom Family Gallery by Adz Childs and David Thurman
Remedy II (199, 148, 24), Kids5B, JUNE 23 – JULY 7, 2008.
Photos of Random Family, selected items from their home. Read the rest…

If You Need Me I’ll Be At Kids5B

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If you’re looking for me I’ll be at Kids5B, setting up stuff. Read the rest…

Beginning of Arts and Crafts Hut

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Here I am showing the Sky Writer to some of the other builders at Kids5B. I didn’t create this, but it is an awesome product from [Fox Labs], Malamutopia (130, 185, 500). Visitors to the Arts and Crafts Hut will get to try it out too. adz setting up arts and crafts hut 1
I set up the Crafts Hut using many products generously donated by Cricket’s store, plus my two coloring pads. If anyone has other products and creations that fit into the Arts And Crafts Hut, other than crayons please let me know. adz setting up arts and crafts hut 2
After moving all that furniture and setting up all that stuff, I was tired. Time to color! With Jess! (( Did I mention that these coloring pads really work? )) adz setting up arts and crafts hut 3

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