NWN: Survey: What’s Your Second Life Avatar Type?

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Survey: What’s Your Second Life Avatar Type? (NWN)
Fox-tailed and/or cat-eared children will need to decide on one category.
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LL Corrects Last Name Slur Snafu [Updated]

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About a year ago in March 2008, LL released a last name that coincided with a racial slur. To be fair, it is also a fairly common RL last name. The name was only available for 11 days. Other names from this batch were closed at that time, so even though it seems obvious that it was closed for this reason, it is not necessarily so. In that 11 days, customers opened 156 accounts under this last name. My bot recently noticed that the usage count of this name dropped to zero:
After some investigation, I have found evidence that all these accounts were reassigned a different last name sometime between Nov 2008 and Jan 2009:

Update: I interviewed one of the affected residents.

Nicolas Biddle: Excuse me. Was your name once Yotori Coon?
Yotori Raccoon: yes but the stupid game changed my name
Yotori Raccoon: yes but i hate tht the game changed my name from yotori coon to yotori raccoon and it offends me
Nicolas Biddle: I’m sorry that happened to you. I run http://slnamewatch.com , which maintains a database of Second Life last names. It is very rare for LL to make a change like this. Can you tell me how it happened? Did you get a notice, or anything? Or did it just change one day?
Yotori Raccoon: i got a notice but every time i go to the send in a ticket it gives me 404 error. So i cant change my name back to its normal name Yotori Coon.
Nicolas Biddle: That sucks. I don’t know that they would let you change it back. There is no last name Coon anymore. The number of users registered under it has dropped to zero. Do you mind if I post this chat log to my blog post related to the subject?
Yotori Raccoon: ys please do i just want my old name back…this new one doesnt work for my avi or character

The evidence is conclusive. Later in the interview, Ms Raccoon reported that she did not know about the slur.
-Big Adz ))

Total of 2 Million Accounts Disappear

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I previously wrote that 800,000 accounts had disappeared from in-world search since mid-January, 2009. The SLNameWatch census bot has continued to count last names since then, as usual. Heritage names, including names that came and went before I founded SLNameWatch.com, are only scheduled to be counted every 3 months, since we don’t normally expect rapid changes on names that are no longer available. Therefore, these numbers come in slowly. Nevertheless, the fact is, the more I survey name usage, the more accounts are suddenly missing. The total now stands at 2,024,371 accounts. This amounts to 15 percent of all accounts with heritage last names.
Some of the names still haven’t been counted since the purge started. So, I expect this figure to keep increasing. It may be that more and more accounts are being deleted, or it may just be that it takes a while for my census bot to notice, or both.
Meanwhile, I now know that the Total Accounts figure was intentionally removed from the economic statistics page. The economic statistics page is back, and everything is intact (in XML format, now), except the total accounts figure. *Shrug*. The bright side is, SLNameWatch is now the authority on the total number of accounts in Second Life®! :) Read the rest…

I Tickles

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I Tickles David…

I Tickles Gemini… Read the rest…


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While the economic stats published by Linden Lab have been frozen (see JIRA WEB-948 ), the SLNameWatch bot has been indicating something different. Sometime in the last two weeks, more than 430,000 accounts have disappeared from the in-world search. Last names that previously had a consistent number of residents under them, query after query, for 1.5 years, suddenly have seen their usage count reduced by as much as 50%. Read the rest…

2008 Predictions Reviewed

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On January 1, 2008 I made 10 predictions for the new year. One of them was voted #3 most popular in New World Notes a few days later. Now that 2008 is nearly over, let’s see how I did with all of them. If I did well enough, I’ll post something similar for 2009 shortly. Read the rest…

Ten Posts About SL Names

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Last week I published ten posts showing various aspects and statistics about Second Life first names and last names based on the data I’ve collected for SLNameWatch.com. Here is a catalog. Read the rest…

Second Life’s Longest Last Names

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List of Second Life Last Names known to SLNameWatch that are 14 characters long or longer, excluding last names not in use, sorted by usage.

SELECT last_name, usage_count, status 
  FROM last_names 
 WHERE LENGTH(last_name) >= 14 
   AND usage_count > 0
 ORDER BY usage_count DESC;
| last_name          | usage_count | status |
| SunMicrosystems    |        1159 |      2 | 
| Triskaidekaphobia  |        1115 |      2 | 
| Federschneider     |         312 |      2 | 
| DiorJoaillerie     |         264 |      2 | 
| Rozenschtrauch     |         244 |      2 | 
| Extraordinaire     |          54 |      2 | 
| CokePremiereGuest  |          44 |      2 | 
| RossiResidencial   |          14 |      2 | 
| OurVirtualHolland  |          13 |      2 | 
| INGRenaultF1Team   |          12 |      2 | 
| ConnectedWomen     |          11 |      2 | 
| AmericanCancer     |           9 |      2 | 
| UnitTestOsborn     |           1 |      2 | 
| UnitTestEcclesiast |           1 |      2 | 
14 rows in set (0.02 sec)

Status 2 = Closed to new registrations.
Wait a sec… UnitTestWhat? Read the rest…

Second Life’s Four-Letter Full Names

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Four-letter full names can be formed from 2-letter first names and 2-letter last names. (Or, quite rarely, 1-letter first names and 3-letter last names.) They are the shortest full-names in Second Life, since no one has a 1-letter first name combined with a 2-letter last name, yet.
There are 1618 4-letter full names in SL. That’s too many to list, here. Here is a breakdown of which last names have them according to SLNameWatch records. Most of the publicly available 2-letter last names only have a handful of two-letter first names. However, considering that there are 1296 possible two-letter first names, or only 676 if you limit yourself to letters only, or 156 if you require at least one vowel, it is interesting to see how many there are for Ah, Ra, Xi, and Oh. Read the rest…

Second Life’s Most Common First Names

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List of 100 Most Common Second Life First Names known to SLNameWatch, including banned/canceled accounts, ignoring capitalization, sorted by usage count.. Read the rest…

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