Men’s Retro Briefs by Popduds

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Timeout from SL for a bit. I discovered these. I have a feeling some of my readers will appreciate…

More designs, here. Popdud’s Men’s Underwear. There are many colors, designs, and sizes. This is not a paid ad.

-Big Adz ))

Dusan Writer’s Self-Watering Tree

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Dusan shows Adz self-watering tree 1 Dusan Writer: See my scary upside down self-watering tree?

Adz Childs: I love it! Umm.. Dusan? All trees are self-watering.

Dusan: Hmmm. Well, this one is reservoir-watering… with mineral water.
Dusan: It’s a very finicky tree.

Adz: How does it work?

Adz Childs climbs it.

Dusan: Ok, well, see it’s a zero gravity tree. The tree has no gravity so it floats, which is why you need to chain it down. As it floats, air molecules are captured via transduction technology.

Adz: But the Earth has gravity. This is the real world, Dusan.

Dusan: No, this is Winterfell. There are many odd inventions and curiosities here.

Adz: ok!
Adz Childs starts to believe.

Dusan shows Adz self-watering tree 2
Dusan shows Adz self-watering tree 2 Dusan: See, I bred the gravity out of the tree after 922 generations of cross pollinating various tree species. I would look for lightness – wavy branches, bright leaves, and would cross breed them until the tree became so light it floated away. Then, invented transduction technology in order to populate the reservoir and so this tree can even survive in the desert. Or, can be eaten for dessert.
Adz: Where does the water come from?

Dusan: hmmm.
Dusan: See, that was the problem. I forgot to put in a spigot or something.

Adz Childs interrupts.
Adz: No. I mean, what fills the resevoir?
Adz Childs taps the glass.

Dusan: It’s self-replicating water of course. You start with a few drops of water, and they breed.
Dusan: … um. or something.
Dusan: Maybe i should modify the water system. Self-replicating water is dangerous if you let it go unchecked. Oh yeah… I will need to put the campfire other side of the lot. This particular tree has a particular paranoia about open flames, which most trees do of course, but this one tends to freak out more than usual.
Dusan shows Adz self-watering tree 2
Dusan shows Adz self-watering tree 2 Adz: What happens if you drink the water?

Dusan: I dont know if I recommend drinking it.

Adz: Can you make it sprinkle again?

Dusan: hmmm. Yes, i think so.

Adz: That’s neat, Dusan.

Dusan: Well — I should go and write a speech or um watch tv, one or the other. Good night kiddo, and thanks for dropping by. :)


SLNameWatch Donation Kiosk and Update

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I made this SLNameWatch Donation Kiosk in May, but I haven’t posted an announcement until now. I don’t regret working many hours on this project one bit, and I will probably work many more. I am having fun and learning alot about C# and libsecondlife that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise — much more than I signed up for, LOL. That is reward enough for now. I’m not about to give details about the maintenance costs of the SLNameWatch webserver and census robot, or claim that your financial support is desperately needed to keep it running — not yet, at least. slnamewatch donation kiosk in Milu

(If you are familiar with php+mysql web hosting costs and the hardware requirements for a libsecondlife bot, you can probably make a pretty accurate guess at my recurring costs.) Any “fictional currency” you “donate” goes directly to me to offset hours worked. I cannot guarantee that your donations will directly help make SLNameWatch better, but they will help my motivation. You can visit this kiosk (SLurl) if you use or have used SLNameWatch and are dying to show a token of your appreciation for my extensive human labor on this project so far. This kiosk is currently the only way you can donate Linden Dollars™ to The kiosk is located in the first-continent region of Milu (67, 47, 28). It is next to a Linden Road. In-world, you can also search Places for “slnamewatch” and teleport there.

Moving on, what the heck am I going to do with all these calling cards? As of 2008-07-12, eight hundred seventy (870) users have signed up for Second Life® accounts using SLNameWatch’s Join Now Page Catalog, a.k.a. the Get The Last Name You Want page since 2008-03-17 when I first started taking advantage of the refer-a-friend program. I have a calling card for each one, and though I thank each and every one of you, these calling cards are really cluttering up my main account’s inventory. The inventory system does not offer a way to archive them, or transfer them to an alt. I could use an alt account for all subsequent referrals. I’ll probably make that change soon. The child avatar thing can throw some people off a bit, so I will probably change the referral code to link to an account with an adult-av profile. The drawback is I almost certainly will not be online under this alt to answer the occasional first-day questions.

The last thing I want to say today is that I’m interested to know more about what makes visitors interested in, and what features they like or do not like, and what they would like to see more of. Are the usage counts interesting to you, or are you mostly here for the Join Now instance tracking feature? I think one way to gather this information is to start a forum on the website. Users will be invited to discuss possible features so that I can gauge a level of interest in them, and best make use of my time and energy.

890 slnamewatch referrals

I hope the forum will be a good place to assemble feature requests, bugs, suggestions, and success stories. Additionally, it might be a place to discuss outside forces, such as looming changes to Linden policy regarding last names. A change in last name policy has threatened to make SLNameWatch obsolete since before I even created it! Yet, this change in last name policy hasn’t happened so far… its been over year. I digress. Expect an announcement soon about a new forum in my little corner of SL™ where dreadfully boring things such as this can be discussed. YAY!

Take care and thank you all for using SLNameWatch!

-Big Adz ))

Store Moved

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A Boy’s Place Mall has moved. My store there moved with it.
New Location

Settable Baby Blocks (Freebie)

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Some friends have asked me “When will you release more baby blocks?” To be honest, the original ADZ baby block freebie was just a 3D representation of my 2D logo, which simply spells my first name. I never intended to make a complete baby block set. Read the rest…


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I have released 4 new styles of underooz. They are all based on requests from customers. They are available at the following locations.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Underooz Ad Read the rest…