Suggestion For Last Names: Colors!

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I made a suggestion in the comments on WEB-704 It is time to release new last names. I haven’t heard any explanation for why the available last name list is growing so stale, so I can only take a guess. My first guess is that they can’t come up with a list of names that satisfies certain requirements (which I’ve taken a guess at). I have a suggestion which satisfies these criteria and may save LL some work. Read the rest…


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Okay so it appears Linden Lab® will allow builds in the names of the PG kids groups such as SLC and BSSL. This comment by Katt Linden on Dusan Writer’s Metaverse‘s blog post Linden Regroups and the Kids Are In.

On 06.03.08 Katt Linden said:


It doesn’t matter what sort of avatar you have, everyone interested can submit builds to the Birthday Celebration.

If any submissions aren’t accepted it’ll be because they are too “adult” in nature, not because of the looks of the avatar.

As someone involved in the original brainstorming about adding to the celebration, I assure you that we’re trying to make it more fun and valuable for everyone, full stop.

– Katt Linden

This should clear up any lingering doubts left by the less-than-clear LL official blog post SL5B: Birthday Expanded and New Submission Deadlines by everettlinden.

Overall this is a very good thing. It is good that Linden Lab finally realized that they must remain true to their principles. Second Life® is a platform of creative expression and should not be unduly limited. As much as Linden Lab wants to shift the focus of Second Life to the more profitable and laudable corporate and education interests, it cannot forget its foundations. The cynical way to put it is, Linden Lab needs to “dance with the date who brung ya.” I think a more tempered way to put it is that the two goals are not mutually exclusive. Heh… Dusan’s going to get a second link from me today. But I can’t say it better.

Dusan Writer – Children, Chains and Cold Cash: The Business Case for SL5B

Which leaves us, of course, with collaboration and education. But first, this event is not a “business showcase” and it’s not an “education fair” it’s a community event. And if they think that businesses and schools will be scared off by some kids and some leather-clad men then I hate to break it to them – but that horse has already left the barn. It’s not as if this stuff will be all that NEW – if you’re a school and you’ve decided to look at SL, you’ve already SEEN the press, you KNOW what’s there, and you either come or you don’t. A few little builds at a community even it hardly going to repel your corporate pocketbooks – they’ve already been repelled already or they’ve sucked it up and have come on board.

Stop to think, why are businesses and educational institutions interested in Second Life? Is it because it is a squeaky-clean environment with absolutely no controversy, no weirdos, and no freaks? I haven’t been a party to discussions between LL and potential clients, but this seems quite unlikely. They are interested because it is an open and creative platform. They are interested for the same reasons I am, the same reasons everyone comes here, the same reasons Second Life was created in the first place.

I’m glad LL decided to take the good with the bad.

As an added bonus, this event caused what I would call an outpouring of support. Honestly, more than I thought we’d get, considering we’re all a bunch of pervs.

It looks like Kids5B will go on, in parallel. The organizers say they will submit the whole thing as a proposed build. I don’t know what will happen, and I’m not worried about it one bit. I’m sorry I can’t take a more active role. Since I’m not taking a front seat, if the whole thing falls apart, i.e. if any of Kids5B, SLC, and BSSL’s contributions fall through, I can’t say a word. I know many of the people involved in all three projects have put alot into it. But I also know that of all the builds, the official SL5B SLC build was the only one for which planning started before June 1st. If the others happen too, I look forward to contributing what I can. If they don’t, oh well.

When I start building my arts and crafts display for Kids5B, I’ll start posting about that.

Shape-Based Exclusion [Updated]

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I contributed to SL4B. I made some decorations for the bridges and roads in all of the regions, and helped a tiny bit with Camp Duck Itch. I wasn’t planning on contributing much this year but I planned to see if the SLC build needed any help as the deadline grew closer (thats what i do). But, there’s no point in staying in the builders group now.
[18:13] Second Life: You have left the group ‘SL Birthday Exhibitors’.

Updated with more links:

Ruslan Laryukov – Second-Class Citizens

I find it regrettable that LL has decided to snub three of its more significant and loyal constituencies by excluding them from SL5B: kid avis, gor and bdsm. -Ruslan

JIRA – MISC-1231 -Missing Cultures & Communities from SL5B

The following communities are said to be missing from what was described as: ‘Celebrating the cultural diversity of Second Life’: ‘Who do you hang around with in Second Life? What are your communities’ traditions and signature characteristics? Are you proud of your sexy blue fur? Your excruciatingly detailed tea ceremony? Your murky environments? Your sculptures? The help you’ve given to others?’ -Vint Falken

Rai Fargis – The “SL5B” PR Desaster

Dusan Writer – Lock Up Your Kids, Tie Up Your Kajira, It’s Time to Celebrate

So, sure, you can come aboard, and you can lock up your private island and keep the weirdos out – OR, you can come aboard and realize that this is the flowering of something different. If you want safe and sanitized go to or sponsor some furniture in the Sims – but you’d better realize that this IS the Wild West, and it’s that way for a reason – because THIS is the frontier, this is where the great ideas are arising, this is where the creative classes, the prosumers and the hackers, the griefers and the savants are mashing up the future, and if you want some sort of hint of how the future’s going to unfold you’d better at least suck it up and have a look around. -Dusan Writer

Ordinal Malaprop – A Restriction of the Youth

The recent clarification that Child-Like Avatars will be permitted attend, but not exhibit, makes the situation even more ridiculous. Clearly the Prurient will take this as confirmation that the Laboratory is quite happy to promote all of the things in their imaginings, and it will simultaneously serve to confirm to the Childrenish concerned that they are not considered worthwhile, and in the category of the Second Class in Second Life. -Ordinal Malaprop

firstlifeisfullofcrap – The Fake Children

And every culture is being given the opportunity to showcase what they’ve done, what they will do, and what their vision is for tomorrow. Without limitation. Without sanitization. Without scrubbing. Without censorship. Except one. And I don’t think that’s right -Crap Mariner

danielregenbogen – Update on SL5B

SLC – Still More (A clarification)

Robin Linden has indicated that child avatars are allowed and welcome as attendees – this is simply affecting whether child avatars can be contributors.

SLC – More on SL5B

…This decision was made thanks to people like United States Representative Mark Kirk who are on a misguided quest to keep real life kids off an adult only service by penalizing a company already making steps to keep real life kids off the system… -Marianne McCann

Massively – Calling all cultures? Not any more

…Linden Lab (according to staff) is apparently afraid of the whole of Second Life being shut down at a legal level if it should show any implicit support of — well, an activity that mental health professionals tell us we should be trying to find ways to do more of…Childlike play, and reliving our respective youths in positive and nourishing ways… -Tateru Nino

danielregenbogen – LL discriminates against the kids!

…This mail was forwarded to and answered by Robin Linden, who wrote me that kid avatars would be welcome as guests but not allowed to contribute to the showcase – because that wouldn’t be in the best interest of the event and Linden Lab. What a poor and cowardly decision! I don’t expect much more, but I answered her with this mail:… -Daniel Regenbogen

Jacek – [Rant] Intolerance

…Rampant violence? That’s fine. Hopscotch? My god, we have to put a stop to that!…-Jacek

According to a post in SLForums, child-shaped avatars are not the only self-identified community excluded from the event. [This has since been denied by Everett Linden in a comment on the Massively article]

Shape-Based Exclusion Threatened

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According to the leadership of Second Life Children (SLC), who have been speaking with Linden Lab through the expected channels, avatars of a named but poorly defined shape and size are not allowed to form a recognized community for the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration (SL5B). Read the rest…

WEB-678: Last Name Early Retirement?

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WEB-678: 200+ Barely-used last names retired after only 18 days; only 100 new names released to offset them Read the rest…

Stop Changing the Join Now Page Please

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Will Linden Lab® please stop fiddling with the Join Now pages? New feature: visitors to Join Now have about a 1 in 20 chance of seeing ~150 names instead of just 40. Well, that’s nice and all, but its not persistent. Reload the page, and you get a different list, usually with just 40 shuffled names in it as we’ve come to expect. This is yet another barrier to getting two accounts with the same last name (i.e., for extended-duration, family role-play). Read the rest…

Digest – Last Names on SL Forum

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Not everyone can access SLForums, and they are not indexed. Here is a digest of what I had to say there regarding the changes to the Second Life new account process. Sorry for posting one side of a two-sided conversation at times. I didn’t feel like asking permission from all authors. Read the rest…

How To Get The Last Name You Want

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As I discussed in my article LL Changes Join Now Page Again, on 2008-03-14, LL made an unannounced change to their Join Now page. No longer are all available last names listed in a drop-down. Instead, only 60 of the 1000-2000 currently available last names are given as choices. Why Linden Lab has made this change is unclear, and I won’t dare speculate. In any case, this new policy can make it difficult to join the game with a certain last name. You might want to do this if, for instance, you and a friend or partner want to create new characters (brothers, perhaps?) that share a last name. Or you might see a newly-born character with a cool last name in the game, and want to make a character with that name too. So, how can one create an character with a certain last name, given this new, frustrating barrier? Read the rest…

LL Changes Join Now Page Again

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From the perspective of the script I use to determine if LL has added new last names, it looks like names are being rapidly created and retired. I have a working theory. I think LL might have changed their policy so that only a random subset of the last names appear in the drop-down at a time. Refresh the page, and the list changes, even though nothing has really changed as far as overall name availability. This is really going to confuse the script I use to determine if the name list has changed! I write resilient code, but I have to say this is something i didn’t plan for. I determine last name availability based on this drop-down. Read the rest…

Wordless Wednesday – Boogerheads

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Wordless - Boogerheads

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