Dancing to Uncle Janor

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Today I played backgammon with Lalelu. We tied. Little David came by and watched us play, but not enough for him to learn. After the game, I noticed it had gotten dark. It started to rain. We all ran to a place where Lalelu had a tent and a fire. We stayed there while it rained. The rain can be nice sometimes. It makes neat sounds when it hits the roof and the ground. I wasn’t scared.

Then, Aunt Liz picked up me and David and took us to see Uncle Janor play guitar. I showed David a little about how to dance while Uncle Janor played some soft, slow music, with the stars out. david dancing with adz to uncle jaor with aunt liz

KIDS5B – All Day Concert [Updated]

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Kids5B is hosting an all-day concert. I’ll post pics later. But first, here’s the schedule. All times SLT (PDT).

  • June 28th
    • 09am- 10am- Norah Joles
    • 10am- 11am- Jace Collins
    • 11am- 12pm- Janor Slitcher
    • 12pm-1pm- Nick99 Razor
    • 1pm- 2pm- Robie Bloch
    • 2pm- 3pm- Digby Smalls
    • 3pm- 4pm- Rai Fargis Drum N Bass Hour
    • 4pm-5pm- Moondoggirl Moomintoog
    • 5pm-6pm- Billy Mikoyan
    • 6pm-7pm- MichelleD Eksol feat Paper Scott
    • 7pm-8pm- Joaquin Gustav
    • 8pm-9pm-Tukso Okey
    • 9pm-10- Grateful Stryker
  • June 29th
    • 10am-11am Mimi Carpenter
I promised some pictures. First I saw Uncle Janor, and he played all of our favorite songs. He rocks. janor at kids5b
Next I heard Nick99 Razor. He sounded awesome. This was a really great concert ( I think of it as KidsStock hehe ). During this concert of course it occurred to me that Kids5B has been very good for us, and I lost myself in my own thoughts for a while. It might have been the music, or it might have just been past time for me to take a moment for reflection. Nick99 Razor at kids5b

I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains.
I looked to the children, I drank from the fountains.
Theres more than one answer to these questions,
Pointing me in a crooked line.
And the less I seek my source for some definitive
The closer I am to fine

Robie Bloch at kids5b

No offense to Ms Robie because song sounded awesome. But, this was the first time I heard this song in the correct key. You see, the very first time I heard this song was here. ANYWAY… I heard it properly for the first time today, during my quiet time.

Is this song profound, or just an attempt to sound profound? I can’t tell. It’s a pretty-sounding song, in any case (unless your roommate butchers it). And, something can be taken from the lyrics, I admit. No one has the definite answers — especially not the professor, not the bible, and not the beer, nor the friend at the bar. So, don’t get bogged down in the unknown. Follow your instincts and go with what is know-able.

This has been an emotional week for me. There was a very touching post in a political blog this week. Someone I’ve never met just poured his heart out on matters that meant alot to me, and he received a surprising amount of unanimous positive feedback. I am sorry cannot link you to the post. Between this post, and some of the transformation stories I read at Kids5B, I feel a new sense of clarity, resignation, and comfort. What a combination, huh? I am tempted to pour out my thoughts on this blog but I know that I cannot. Not really. I can just say that some times it feels that the world is against me, or us, rather. That we are the world’s monsters. We are seen in black and white, with no insight. So much easier, to dehumanize…it sure makes it simpler, doesn’t it? For me, it can be very difficult to hear what people think of me. Its terribly repetitive, and its not a healthy thing to hear. And I’m tired of it. That’s the clarity and resignation part. I’m just happy i found some people, both in SL and in RL, with whom I feel comfortable, to whom I owe no explanations. That’s the comforting part.

Its enough to make me find insight in a pop song.

-Big Adz

Uncle Janor

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… ♩ … ♫ …for-ever young… ♪ … ♬
Janor playing for us 1
… ♩ … ♫ …for-ever young… ♪ … ♬
Janor playing for us 2

It’s My Rezday! [Update]

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Yup… two years, today, I rezzed onto the grid for the first time. I should be online soon to visit all my favorite places and say hi to all my friends. By coincidence, my player had a pretty nice day today. Just a few more RL things to do before he can get in world. I’ll update here if anything interesting happens. Read the rest…

Watching In Delight

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Today I watched my friend Janor play The Grateful Dead. Sok set up bean bag chairs, and I shared one with Koffeekid. He squirms alot but thats okay he sticks around even though I keep elbowing and tickling him. adz watches janor 2
adz watches janor 4 adz watches janor 5

Koffeekid’s Rez-Day Party

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So much fun stuff happened last night at Koffeekid‘s Rez-Day party. Read the rest…

More Dancing Bears

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Listening intently to my most favoritest guitar player, Janor Slichter, playing acoustic Dead and singing at The Solo Dance Club. Left to right, Elizabeth Barrett, Adz Childs, Janor Slichter. Aunt Liz is teachin’ me how to dance. Hey! Where’d my shoes go!?!? adz_more_gd

New Year’s Day

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I woke up on my bedroom floor, my mouth covered in dried, crusty ice cream. I don’t know how that happened. But I brushed off my clothes and made my way to The Merry Prankster for a Happy New Year: A Grateful Dead Breakfast. Janor Slichter, daddy to 5 of my good friends and excellent guitarist, was Jamming out there, within a sequence of five GD tribute artists. It was a full region. I couldn’t see very well, so my #1 babysitter, Sokmunky Rutabaga, let me ride on her shoulders! After Janor’s set, I relaxed with his family, and took some pics.
Left-to-right: Johnathan Raymaker wearing a Klingon costume, 5 dancing Dead-heads, Me, riding on Sokmunky’s shoulders, The artist on stage, Montavious Peccable, Aunt Elizabeth, and Janor is the one with cool shades. Janor and Liz are parents of Sok and Johna (and Koffeekid, kellie, and Gabriel, who I will introduce sometime soon) Adz at GD Breakfast 1
Me riding on Sok’s shoulders, enjoying the concert, where I am right now. Adz at GD Breakfast 2