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Adz, Daddy Randy, Daddy Domineck, and Brother David Visit Eggnog

Adz, Daddy Randy, Daddy Domineck, and Brother David Visit Eggnog

More information about Eggnog the Christmas Troll is on the Second Life Children blog.

A Boy’s Day

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I played TechWarfare with David, Sok, Felixe, Wlfric, and Dale. TechWarfare is a very fun game for 2-8 players. It is a cross between Battlebots and Capture The Flag. We usually play it at Spindrift – SciLands member, edu, Spindrift (187, 170, 27)
tech wars Read the rest…


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Yesterday I went to Sok‘s meadow and showed her the new concentration game Dedric Mauriac sent me after Sok and I visited him to check out his memory game. We thought maybe if it was two players it might be more fun, so Mr. Dedric made a different version of the game for us! Wasn’t that nice?
Adz playing concentration with Sok 1
Dakota and Sola stopped by, and we all sat on the grass while Sok and I finished the game.
Adz playing concentration with Sok 2
Sok won by a little bit. We played a few other games. Then we all cuddled until it was time to go to sleep.
Do you like my paper hat?
(( Adz has worn the same pair of pajamas for two days now. ))


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(( Adz’ cousin Gabriel Canning reminds me why I chose to be a kid avatar in SL™. I don’t know how to elaborate on that, in words. So, just take a look. ))

gabe dancing After the July 4 Milk N’ Kookies Show, everyone ran to the dance floor to dance. I ran into my cousin Gabe. He is my cousin because my Daddy Dom is Gabe’s mom’s brother. I think his Bob The Builder stuff is really cool. He has a really neat backpack filled with stuff like fat crayons, comic books, regular books, and a video game. He also has shoes you don’t have to tie. They have plastic straps. He also has these bright plastic bracelets on his ankles. When you take them off you can link them together in a chain! I’ve seen girls wear them mostly but I think the part about linking them together is cool and I am happy to see Gabe wear them because that means I can too I think and maybe the girls won’t laugh. I talked with Gabe a little bit while we danced to the music that closed the MnK show.

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Dancing to Uncle Janor

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Today I played backgammon with Lalelu. We tied. Little David came by and watched us play, but not enough for him to learn. After the game, I noticed it had gotten dark. It started to rain. We all ran to a place where Lalelu had a tent and a fire. We stayed there while it rained. The rain can be nice sometimes. It makes neat sounds when it hits the roof and the ground. I wasn’t scared.

Then, Aunt Liz picked up me and David and took us to see Uncle Janor play guitar. I showed David a little about how to dance while Uncle Janor played some soft, slow music, with the stars out. david dancing with adz to uncle jaor with aunt liz

KIDS5B – Bedtime Story Indoctrination Camp

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Kids5B exhibit Bedtime Story Indoctrination Camp – by Sokmunky Rutabaga, Alton Icarus (39, 125, 23). Today Sok read us The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

I thought this story was supposed to be in David‘s Starry Nap room inspired by that story, but instead it was at Sok’s display. That’s okay. I found it.

Sok reading The Little Prince to us Read the rest…

KIDS5B – Aspen Nights

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Kids5B exhibit Aspen Nights, Alton Icarus (54, 43, 24) Today at Kids5B I went to DJ Austin’s Rock Show at the reduced-size (kiddie) version of Aspen Nights, where we celebrated Tomas Gandini’s rezday! Read the rest…

KIDS5B – Starry Nap

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Kids5B exhibit Starry Nap by David Thurman, Alton Icarus (49, 68, 24)
If you wear yourself out coloring, painting, and making stuff out of clay, right next to the craft center is my brother David’s Starry Nap Room, inspired by Le Petit Prince. Just walk through the wall behind the Craft Center to see the exhibit, and you can take a cuddly nap on a big yellow star. David says that Sok plans to do a story reading in here. Read the rest…

KIDS5B – The RanDom Family

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Kids5B exhibit The RanDom Family Gallery by Adz Childs and David Thurman
Remedy II (199, 148, 24), Kids5B, JUNE 23 – JULY 7, 2008.
Photos of Random Family, selected items from their home. Read the rest…

If You Need Me I’ll Be At Kids5B

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If you’re looking for me I’ll be at Kids5B, setting up stuff. Read the rest…

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