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David has a fun toy called Shapefarmer 1.0 by The Wishfarmers LLC. It lets you load, create, and save “Tangrams“. Here are me and David loading the Swan tangram, the Rabbit tangram, and the Boy tangram. We created and uploaded the second two! Anyone in SL can load them now, with this toy.

kazhhsd Visits RanDom

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The ((imaginary)) social worker dropped off a new kid at the house. We made him feel welcome and showed him our amusement park. I think he had fun.

My dads are gonna adopt kazhhsd Turbo. He will be my new brother! :)

Michael Jackson

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My little brother David wrote about MICHAEL JACKSON. He misses him, and I feel bad.
I would like to add a recent quote from Brooke Shields that appeared in Us magazine.

She last saw Jackson at Elizabeth Taylor’s 1991 wedding.
“He seemed like his own funny self,” she says. “We snuck in and took pictures of ourselves next to her dress. We always seemed to revert to being little kids. It was a sanctuary for him, because he knew I never wanted anything from him but his happiness.”

I think some of us in the (virtual) kid community can identify with that.

Demolition Derby

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Friday was my brother David’s rez-day. So on Sunday the RanDom family hosted a demolition derby in our amusement park.
demolition_derby_at_random_1 Read the rest…

Random Amusement

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My daddies made an amusement park Here is a photo from the grand opening.

Random Amusement Park Opening Day

Random Amusement Park Opening Day

You can find Random Amusement Park at Random (108, 59, 501). It is open to all ages. There are bumper cars, water rides, a saloon, and two funhouses that you won’t find anywhere else in SL.

I Tickles

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I Tickles David…

I Tickles Gemini… Read the rest…

Chick Watching

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Orville, Hannah, Lolita, Mary, Sally, and Harry.
Those are the names of Sokmunky’s new baby chickens. Aren’t they cute? I set up a light bulb for them so they will be warm. They eat alot!
One died right away. Sok said that happens sometimes. I guess that makes the living ones more special.
Sok, me, Dakota, Gelgisith, David, and Leendert sat around Sok’s place and watched them walk around the pen and peck at little seeds all night long.


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Adz, Daddy Randy, Daddy Domineck, and Brother David Visit Eggnog

Adz, Daddy Randy, Daddy Domineck, and Brother David Visit Eggnog

More information about Eggnog the Christmas Troll is on the Second Life Children blog.

Artificial Boys

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I made a gallery of other artificial boys I know! I’ll add more if I find any! Maybe someday it will be a public gallery of other artificial children like me. For now its in my playhouse and only close friends can see it. Sorry.

(( Adz identifies with famous artificial boys, David featured in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), and D.A.R.Y.L., a 1985 film by the same name. Read the rest…

A Boy’s Day

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I played TechWarfare with David, Sok, Felixe, Wlfric, and Dale. TechWarfare is a very fun game for 2-8 players. It is a cross between Battlebots and Capture The Flag. We usually play it at Spindrift – SciLands member, edu, Spindrift (187, 170, 27)
tech wars Read the rest…

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