Mark “Rape Rooms” Kirk, Follow-up

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If I may take the liberty to speak for a few in my class, we don’t like US Representative Mark Kirk (R.-Ill.) because of this and this. His cheap political gimmicks may have helped his career, but they protected no one and led to a summer of harassment and disruption of service for hundreds of Second Life users around the world who choose to present in child-like shapes, and others who are just shorter than the imposing norm. Linden Lab, which like many user-content-driven internet resource providers is often reactive more than pro-active in matters of community standards, was caught off-guard, and instituted a lasting change in atmosphere, if not policy. On a larger scale, Kirk’s unfounded accusations in the forum of the US Congress harmed Second Life and the business interests of an individual US private business, Linden Lab, for no good reason. Nothing was gained. Two years on, Kirk hasn’t revisited this issue, despite having presented it as a crisis threatening our nation’s children. Now, he is running for Senator, and obviously we hope he doesn’t make it. Therefore, here is some well-deserved dirt on Mark Kirk, via a DailyKos diary.

Mark Kirk has a bit of a problem, that’s likely to soon be a very big problem. See, it turns out he’s been less than truthful about his own military service, and that it’s looking like it’s a bit of a habit with him.

In 2005, a political tussle in Ohio led to Rep. Jean Schmidt claiming that Rep. Mark Kirk (who’s currently running for Barack Obama’s former Senate seat) was a “veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.” It was news to me that any politician had served in Iraq by that time and, as it turned out, it wasn’t true. Mark Kirk was claiming on his campaign site to be “the only member of Congress to serve stateside during Operation Iraqi Freedom,” which was true, but on his official web site he claimed to be “the only member of Congress to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Then there’s this:

From U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk’s official website.

The U.S. Navy named Kirk “Intelligence Officer of the Year” in 1999 for his combat service in Kosovo….

…Try doing a Google search for “Intelligence Officer of the Year” and “U.S. Navy…

It doesn’t surprise me that a slimeball like Mark Kirk would add Theft of Valor to his crimes against large numbers of innocent Americans he’s never met. He’s fundamentally a coward, and I hope his career in politics is soon to be finished.

-Big Adz))

NS CultureLab Review of “Life 2.0” (Film)

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Life 2.0 Cover

Life 2.0 Cover

The real world of Second Life

What are we to make of an adult man who leads an online life in which his avatar is an 11-year-old girl?
Inhabitants of Second Life, the online virtual world where this man/girl hangs out, are not troubled by such questions. The ability to explore alternative identities is what attracts many people there in the first place.

For the rest of us, we can find some answers in Life 2.0, a carefully-produced documentary about the real physical lives of Second Lifers.

As for why an adult man would want a school-aged girl for an alter-ego – I’m still not sure. But the man that actually created one? Well, he suddenly doesn’t seem quite so odd.

NWN: Survey: What’s Your Second Life Avatar Type?

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Survey: What’s Your Second Life Avatar Type? (NWN)
Fox-tailed and/or cat-eared children will need to decide on one category.
Bay City parade ad

The Humboldt Squid And You

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The Humboldt squid is pretty big. It can be up to six feet long. It lives in the Pacific ocean, near the western shore of the US. They are carnivores. They have strong tentacles and a razor sharp beak. This species of squid has long been known to attack divers and fishermen, but the attacks are much more common when they are being fished. Some researchers decided to figure out why the squid fight back. It is rare for a fish to know it is about to be caught. How do they know who their aggressors are? How can they be so smart? Read the rest…

Slashdot: The Slippery Legal Slope…

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(( This article I am about to link to is not relevant to what I want this blog to be about. But, it does deserve a least a link considering Linden Lab’s policy dilemma I discuss here from time to time. M.S.M. articles with on this topic always make me cringe, and dredge up some bad emotions from multiple origins; so, I usually avoid clicking them. I took a risk with this one. It is interesting and link-worthy because of the “+5 Insightful” SlashDot comments on the matter. As always, there is an unreasonable perspective out there, but I think that the default +5 filter does its job in this case.
Slashdot: The Slippery Legal Slope of Cartoon Porn.
I’ll resist the temptation of quoting the comments I find particularly insightful and simply recommend that you read them all.
The only further comment I will add on my part is that for the sake of Free Speech in America, I hope the discussion continues. You can find a link to the text of the ruling in the comments. Much of it is beyond my grasp, and I would be out of place commenting on it directly here. If you are inclined to read it, yourself, let me add that the opinions of the individual justices are sometimes more reasonable than the ruling as a whole.
-Big Adz ))

Today Is My 1000th Day

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I clicked on the age banana at The Vortex and it said that today is my 1000th day! Wow!
Meanwhile the rest of Second Life, and the outer-space world of course, is celebrating the turn of the New Year. Epic Epoch! Read the rest…

2008 Predictions Reviewed

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On January 1, 2008 I made 10 predictions for the new year. One of them was voted #3 most popular in New World Notes a few days later. Now that 2008 is nearly over, let’s see how I did with all of them. If I did well enough, I’ll post something similar for 2009 shortly. Read the rest…

Depiction of Lewd Act Involving a Child

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I thought I’d never have a chance to do this, as this blog has some dare I say attention outside of the child-like-avatar-wearing community. But, here it comes: a (real-life image|avatar portrayal|other depiction) of a (sexual|lewd) act (involving|appearing to involve) a (child|minor)*, right here on this very blog. Ready? Read the rest…

Bloggers Mix-And-Match Adult Tries Child

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Through the 1st Second Life Bloggers Mix-And-Match program, Kanomi (of T I N Y D A N C I N G) wrote for the blog of Rik & Osiris Pfalz on the topic of “being a child avatar in Second Life” in a post entitled, Second Childhood.

“Dani lives in a nice big town where only little kids and good mommies and daddies are allowed! She’s a lucky girl and her mommy loves her just bunches and bunches!”

As we skated up and down the streets, looking like children, acting like children — in for a penny, in for a pound; I’m nothing if not a method blogger — my own memories kept returning, and I’m afraid towards the end I bent poor Dani’s ear about Candyland and Risk, or how me and my sister used to sneak into our neighbor’s yard and tiptoe through the courtyard, playing pirates or Robin Hood, or how I remembered reading every single Oz book when I was eight or nine…

read the rest at rikpfalz. Kanomi’s own post about it is here.

Excellent use of in-character, out-of-character text, Kanomi! I’m glad your day as a kid av brought back some nice memories.

-Big Adz

Accusation Is Enough

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After a friend of mine was falsely accused of SL’ing while underaged, and I watched the difficulties he went through and the presumption of guilt and the utter lack of compassion on the part of Linden Lab, I decided that it would no longer be my place to report suspected underage residents through the in-world A.R. system under any circumstances. I adjusted my in-world profile accordingly. Read the rest…

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