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David has a fun toy called Shapefarmer 1.0 by The Wishfarmers LLC. It lets you load, create, and save “Tangrams“. Here are me and David loading the Swan tangram, the Rabbit tangram, and the Boy tangram. We created and uploaded the second two! Anyone in SL can load them now, with this toy.

Shopping Cart Fun

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Our parents say we’re not allowed to go to the mall by ourselves, anymore.

kazhhsd Visits RanDom

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The ((imaginary)) social worker dropped off a new kid at the house. We made him feel welcome and showed him our amusement park. I think he had fun.

My dads are gonna adopt kazhhsd Turbo. He will be my new brother! :)

Relaxing at Camp

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Summer is great, isn’t it? When we run out of things to do, we just sit by the lake and let time pass. Don’t tell my friends but sometimes I like to draw ripples in the water with my finger. That’s baby stuff, though.

Christian, Ninja, Adz, Larson

Hypnotoad Upgrade

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I got a new tv. The Hypnotoad channel on this tv is soooo much better!

It’s the highest-rated show on tv. Now, enhanced!

I Tickles

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I Tickles David…

I Tickles Gemini… Read the rest…