NS CultureLab Review of “Life 2.0” (Film)

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Life 2.0 Cover

Life 2.0 Cover

The real world of Second Life

What are we to make of an adult man who leads an online life in which his avatar is an 11-year-old girl?
Inhabitants of Second Life, the online virtual world where this man/girl hangs out, are not troubled by such questions. The ability to explore alternative identities is what attracts many people there in the first place.

For the rest of us, we can find some answers in Life 2.0, a carefully-produced documentary about the real physical lives of Second Lifers.

As for why an adult man would want a school-aged girl for an alter-ego – I’m still not sure. But the man that actually created one? Well, he suddenly doesn’t seem quite so odd.

Lava (xkcd)

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We once got grounded when we convinced the FAA to block flights through our county because of ash clouds.

How Could I Forget Pinocchio?

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Ohmygosh How Could I Forget Pinocchio?
pinocchio added to gallery
Pinocchio is the original Artificial Boy. Read the rest…

Artificial Boys

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I made a gallery of other artificial boys I know! I’ll add more if I find any! Maybe someday it will be a public gallery of other artificial children like me. For now its in my playhouse and only close friends can see it. Sorry.

(( Adz identifies with famous artificial boys, David featured in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), and D.A.R.Y.L., a 1985 film by the same name. Read the rest…

Big Stinkin’ Deal!

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What Eddie Knows: Researchers Creating Learning AI In SL.
So, he can understand basic language, learn, and perform reasoning like an under-four-year-old. And, he’s in the shape of a four-year-old in Second Life.
So What! He’s not so smart. I’m waaaaaay smarter. Why do people make such a big deal about this? *Sigh*
Same thing with dolphins. Everyone’s always saying how smart they are. Pfffffttt. yeah right. Big deal! All they do is eat fish all day. I’m way smarter than them, too. I don’t see them building skyboxes or creating HTML on a prim!
(( I think I will send these researches a cuter boy shape and hair. You can’t see little Eddie’s eyes! ))
eddie answers
dumb dolphin
adz does html-on-prim