NS CultureLab Review of “Life 2.0” (Film)

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Life 2.0 Cover

Life 2.0 Cover

The real world of Second Life

What are we to make of an adult man who leads an online life in which his avatar is an 11-year-old girl?
Inhabitants of Second Life, the online virtual world where this man/girl hangs out, are not troubled by such questions. The ability to explore alternative identities is what attracts many people there in the first place.

For the rest of us, we can find some answers in Life 2.0, a carefully-produced documentary about the real physical lives of Second Lifers.

As for why an adult man would want a school-aged girl for an alter-ego – I’m still not sure. But the man that actually created one? Well, he suddenly doesn’t seem quite so odd.

SecondLifeKid.com Has A New Owner

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Adz In Bunny PJs, smiling about his new website It’s me! Yup! Katronix said he’s not involved in SL enough to be a good manager for SecondLifeKid.com, so he transferred the whole darn thing to me. You can still access and post to your kid blog as before. Your logins have not changed. A few little details have changed, however. I’ll list those below the fold. BIG HUGS and THANKS to Katronix for the work he did up to now! And I hope you will all be happy with the new site!

Read the rest…

KIDS5B – Kid Bloggers of SL

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Kids5B exhibit Kid Bloggers of SL – by Koffeekid Smalls, Alton Icarus (55, 141, 23). Koffekid made a tribute to the Kid-friendly bloggers of SL.
Kid Bloggers of SL Display outside
As always, you can check out Adz Childs’ Shared Items which often has links to articles that are interesting to our community. However, today inspired by the Kid Bloggers of SL exhibit I have decided to share a new Google Reader feed entitled “Kid’s Blogs“.
Kid Bloggers of SL Display inside
The feeds comprising it are hand-selected by me, but the individual posts are not. Here you will see all of the kid blogs I visit daily. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Maybe you will add some of them to you own news aggregators. Of course, Artificial Boy RSS feed is in there too. Which is kinda spooky.

KIDS5B – Our Stories

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Kids5B exhibit Our Stories – Why We Became Child Avatars by Taiven Janick and Sage Kostenbaum and contributors, Alton Icarus (72, 98, 24). My story is there, as is David’s, and Sokmunky’s, and many others. There were some kids there who I hadn’t met yet, but I read them all anyway. The stories are sometimes both amusing, describing the well of creative energy tapped simply by changing shape, and sad, bringing up real life child abuse. Many are emotionally powerful. One story was so awesome, and accurate, and touching, and said it all so perfectly, I IMed the author and made a new friend. I don’t want to say who it is without permission. Visit the exhibit to read for yourself.
kids5b our stories exhibit

SL5B – Childhood Dreams Dome

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David and I went on the Childhood Dreams Dome, Loki’s official submission to Second Life 5th Birthday/Anniversary (SL5B) on behalf of the Second Life group, Second Life Children. Read the rest…

KIDS5B – Aspen Nights

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Kids5B exhibit Aspen Nights, Alton Icarus (54, 43, 24) Today at Kids5B I went to DJ Austin’s Rock Show at the reduced-size (kiddie) version of Aspen Nights, where we celebrated Tomas Gandini’s rezday! Read the rest…

KIDS5B – Starry Nap

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Kids5B exhibit Starry Nap by David Thurman, Alton Icarus (49, 68, 24)
If you wear yourself out coloring, painting, and making stuff out of clay, right next to the craft center is my brother David’s Starry Nap Room, inspired by Le Petit Prince. Just walk through the wall behind the Craft Center to see the exhibit, and you can take a cuddly nap on a big yellow star. David says that Sok plans to do a story reading in here. Read the rest…

KIDS5B – Crafts Center

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Kids5B exhibit Art Center by Adz Childs, Alton Icarus (49, 90,23)
This is an art center designed after art classrooms found in elementary school, or activity centers found at summer camp. I created this exhibit because one of my favorite things to do is color and create things used for coloring. My new brother David must like it too, because one of his first creations is an easel which he calls ‘caballete dibujo’. I put it out on display too. Read the rest…

KIDS5B – The RanDom Family

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Kids5B exhibit The RanDom Family Gallery by Adz Childs and David Thurman
Remedy II (199, 148, 24), Kids5B, JUNE 23 – JULY 7, 2008.
Photos of Random Family, selected items from their home. Read the rest…

Social Networking Media Matrix

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  My You Face Second
My MyMy MyYou MyFace MySecond
You YouMy YouYou YouFace YouSecond
Face FaceMy FaceYou FaceFace FaceSecond
Second SecondMy SecondYou SecondFace SecondSecond
Space SpaceMy SpaceYou SpaceFace SpaceSecond
Tube TubeMy TubeYou TubeFace TubeSecond
Book BookMy BookYou BookFace BookSecond
Life LifeMy LifeYou LifeFace LifeSecond
  Space Tube Book Life
My MySpace MyTube MyBook MyLife
You YouSpace YouTube YouBook YouLife
Face FaceSpace FaceTube FaceBook FaceLife
Second SecondSpace SecondTube SecondBook SecondLife
Space SpaceSpace SpaceTube SpaceBook SpaceLife
Tube TubeSpace TubeTube TubeBook TubeLife
Book BookSpace BookTube BookBook BookLife
Life LifeSpace LifeTube LifeBook LifeLife

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