Mark “Rape Rooms” Kirk, Follow-up

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If I may take the liberty to speak for a few in my class, we don’t like US Representative Mark Kirk (R.-Ill.) because of this and this. His cheap political gimmicks may have helped his career, but they protected no one and led to a summer of harassment and disruption of service for hundreds of Second Life users around the world who choose to present in child-like shapes, and others who are just shorter than the imposing norm. Linden Lab, which like many user-content-driven internet resource providers is often reactive more than pro-active in matters of community standards, was caught off-guard, and instituted a lasting change in atmosphere, if not policy. On a larger scale, Kirk’s unfounded accusations in the forum of the US Congress harmed Second Life and the business interests of an individual US private business, Linden Lab, for no good reason. Nothing was gained. Two years on, Kirk hasn’t revisited this issue, despite having presented it as a crisis threatening our nation’s children. Now, he is running for Senator, and obviously we hope he doesn’t make it. Therefore, here is some well-deserved dirt on Mark Kirk, via a DailyKos diary.

Mark Kirk has a bit of a problem, that’s likely to soon be a very big problem. See, it turns out he’s been less than truthful about his own military service, and that it’s looking like it’s a bit of a habit with him.

In 2005, a political tussle in Ohio led to Rep. Jean Schmidt claiming that Rep. Mark Kirk (who’s currently running for Barack Obama’s former Senate seat) was a “veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.” It was news to me that any politician had served in Iraq by that time and, as it turned out, it wasn’t true. Mark Kirk was claiming on his campaign site to be “the only member of Congress to serve stateside during Operation Iraqi Freedom,” which was true, but on his official web site he claimed to be “the only member of Congress to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Then there’s this:

From U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk’s official website.

The U.S. Navy named Kirk “Intelligence Officer of the Year” in 1999 for his combat service in Kosovo….

…Try doing a Google search for “Intelligence Officer of the Year” and “U.S. Navy…

It doesn’t surprise me that a slimeball like Mark Kirk would add Theft of Valor to his crimes against large numbers of innocent Americans he’s never met. He’s fundamentally a coward, and I hope his career in politics is soon to be finished.

-Big Adz))

Rpt: Online Threats to Children Overblown

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NYTimes article, “Report Calls Online Threats to Children Overblown“, seen on Slashdot, “Internet Not Really Dangerous For Kids After All“. The government commissioned a task force to see what could be done about our rampant online predator problem, as highlighted by “To Catch A Predator” among other things. Instead, the task force reported back that “Social networks are very much like real-world communities that are comprised mostly of good people who are there for the right reasons.” The report went on to suggest that the government instead focus resources on child-on-child bullying.
One of the key state attorneys general pushing for the report spat out this gem of a response, Read the rest…

Accusation Is Enough

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After a friend of mine was falsely accused of SL’ing while underaged, and I watched the difficulties he went through and the presumption of guilt and the utter lack of compassion on the part of Linden Lab, I decided that it would no longer be my place to report suspected underage residents through the in-world A.R. system under any circumstances. I adjusted my in-world profile accordingly. Read the rest…

My Answers to Survey About SL Rules

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Debbie McCormick, et al, of the Behavioral Studies Department, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University is doing a survey about “people’s attitudes toward law and order in Second Life”. Here are my answers to the free-form questions and some of the multiple choice questions. If you know me, you probably already know my answers to the yes/no questions, so I won’t include them here. I have also omitted any questions that pertain to my real life demographic membership. Read the rest…