2009 Predictions

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(( At the beginning of last year I made 10 predictions, then evaluated their accuracy at the end of the year. This year, I predict…

  1. There will be a major blow to freedom of expression in the Second Life World™
  2. One or more of LL’s products will undergo an abrupt price change, and there will be protests.
  3. Linden Lab will face a challenge regarding customer privacy. For example, perhaps it will be revealed that LL has provided server logs and chat logs to be used in an investigation or as evidence in a legal proceeding. Or, perhaps it will be revealed that a court has granted a wire tap on specific communications and activities in Second Life. Linden Lab will cooperate with authorities and not take any inordinate legal risks for the sake of their customer’s privacy.
  4. Perhaps as a result of this, someone will build automatic two-way text encryption into a third-party viewer, similar to pidgin-encrypt
  5. LL will announce that certain services are only available in the official Second Life viewer, and perhaps some authenticated third-party viewers. In particular, the abuse reporting tool will be restricted to prevent forged snapshots.
  6. The will be a change in the permissions system, perhaps to accommodate grid interoperability.
  7. There will be a welcome improvement to the offline message system.
  8. Someone will die.

Hmmm.. looks like only 8 this time. Maybe I’ll think of two more by tomorrow. Maybe not. Have a good 2009, everyone.
-Big Adz ))

2008 Predictions Reviewed

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On January 1, 2008 I made 10 predictions for the new year. One of them was voted #3 most popular in New World Notes a few days later. Now that 2008 is nearly over, let’s see how I did with all of them. If I did well enough, I’ll post something similar for 2009 shortly. Read the rest…

2008 Predictions

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Everyone else is doing it. And, NWN has set a deadline of midnight tonight for our official predictions for SL 2008. Naturally, my 10 predictions focus around what I know best: the child avatar community, last names, software development, and virtual finance. Hey! The convergence makes total sense, to me. . Read the rest…