Adz Celebrity Look-Alikes?

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I … think maybe I confused it a bit.

Source: Suggestion by Crap Mariner.

Daddy Domineck

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After I finished asking Randy the questions the teacher gave me, I did the same questions with my next family member, Daddy Domineck. We sat in the dining room and talked.

[18:36] You: Daddy… in school on Friday the teacher gave us an assignment
[18:36] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:35] Domineck Heron: um son what grade you in?
[18:36] Domineck Heron: cuz if u in 5th i’m in trouble
[18:36] You: i am in 3rd grade daddy!
[18:36] Domineck Heron: cuz i am not smarter than a 5th grader
[18:36] Domineck Heron: whew
[18:36] Domineck Heron: so what is the assignment
[18:37] You: the assignment is to interview the people in my family about the family and their careers
[18:37] You: and what they do n’ stuff
[18:37] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:37] You: and i’m supposed to write down what you say, then take a picture, and post the answers and the picture on a web site
[18:37] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:37] You: all before tomorrow! (( Adz leaves out the part about not doing anything until the night before its due ))
[18:38] You: okay so can i ask ? there are like 6 questions
[18:38] Domineck Heron: lol well son u should not procrastinate
[18:38] Domineck Heron: yes son ask away

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Daddy Randy

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I know this would be more appropriate for Father’s Day than Mother’s Day but I don’t have a mother (she died). In my previous post, I announced that I am seeking a little brother. This post, and one more on the way, are to help you learn more about my adopted family. I have two daddies. I will tell you about them.

[18:08] You: okay so um last Friday when i was at school the teacher gave me an assignment. i have to do it by tomorrow
[18:08] You: (( and he hasn’t started it yet and is just telling you about it now. ))
[18:09] Randy Burt: oh and he assignment is what?
[18:09] Randy Burt: maybies we can help
[18:09] You: I need your help. The assignment is I need to interview the members of my family. I have to ask these 5 or 6 questions, and write down what you say. …
[18:09] You: … the questions are about you and our family
[18:10] You: … then i have to take our picture, and then i have to type it all up and put it on a website. Read the rest…

Adz Childs Seeks Little Brother

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It is difficult to find people willing to role-play under age 5. For some reason they tend to leave SL abruptly. Years ago, one friend of mine agreed to role-play an infant. He was dissatisfied with his absentee, adoptive parents, and wanted a family with which he could bond strongly. He met a lady who was role-playing being pregnant. My friend who normally RP’ed about age 10 agreed to continue her pregnancy role play as a complete avatar, taking on the role of an infant for her. He planned to “grow up” in her house and eventually grow into the 10-year-old with which I was familiar. I was skeptical, but could not talk him out of it. After about 4 weeks of this, he disappeared from Second Life in all forms, forever. (I occasionally IM him via an inventory object which lists him as creator, even though all other traces of him are gone. In the IM, I tell him I miss him.). There are several anecdotes like this one, but I can’t share those now. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I’ve spent some time thinking about why that might be. I think one of the difficulties is that real five-year-olds typically do not have much control of their lives. Meanwhile, Second Life allows freedom of association with various places and people. It allows one to build a Second Life exactly the way one thinks it should be (or should have been). So, how can someone pretend to be age five accurately, and at the same time take control over who they are friends with and where they spend their time? There is an inherent conflict.

Playing the role of a virtual eight-year-old, I often step out of character and let the adult come in and make important decisions, have serious conversations, and resolve issues that an eight-year-old normally wouldn’t be interested in or capable of. I imagine that someone role playing age five would have to make this swap more frequently, or else wind up very frustrated.

An 8-year-old is typically allowed to walk around or ride his bike in the neighborhood at least within shouting distance of the house. He has certain places he is allowed to go on his own after school while it is still daylight, if he asks his parents and checks in often. A five-year-old typically is not allowed to even leave the back yard. Unless, that is, he has an older brother to look out for him and make sure he doesn’t get run over by a car.

If anyone wants to play the role of Adz’s little brother, IM Adz in-world.

I Found Some Cool Blogs

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In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a little box on my sidebar called Shared Items. I have a Google Reader set up with a bunch of excellent Second Life related blogs and feeds, including many other kid’s personal blogs. Any time I see something interesting, I can click on this button called “Share” and it appears in that sidebar for you all to enjoy. It also appears on my broadcast page (and there’s a feed too). I put a great deal of thought into which posts are interesting enough to put onto that list.
Today, I found out that a bunch of my friends have blogs. I haven’t added them to my blogroll yet (I’m even MORE selective about that) but I may do so soon. I have tried to share an interesting item from each of them. Check out the feed. It is nice to see other virtual kids are at it!

It’s My Rezday! [Update]

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Yup… two years, today, I rezzed onto the grid for the first time. I should be online soon to visit all my favorite places and say hi to all my friends. By coincidence, my player had a pretty nice day today. Just a few more RL things to do before he can get in world. I’ll update here if anything interesting happens. Read the rest…

Outer Space

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Today I went to outer space for real (not just pretend)! I went to the new The Second Life Childrens (SLC) Learning Tree Centre, and I met a new friend named sven Homewood. He told me there is a place where you can go and explore outer space for real. I didn’t believe him but he took me there and he was right. Read the rest…

Status of Remaining Two Grids

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I have two posts in my drafts. They have been there since January. They are the OpenLifeGrid and DeepGrid counterparts of my posts, Adz Childs Born On OSGrid, Adz Childs Born On Central Grid, and Adz Local born on Localhost. I will now delete the drafts.

I have been waiting and waiting for experiments with these grids to complete successfully so I can finally release an overall summary. Today I have decided to just give up and release the summary. If some miracle happens and I am able to finally connect to these remaining two alternate grids, I will post and update. But someone would have to talk me into it again — I’ve stopped trying to connect as of today.

I also have some Launcher Icons I created in GIMP, based on the respective grid logos. I will now release those. Read the rest…

Settable Baby Blocks (Freebie)

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Some friends have asked me “When will you release more baby blocks?” To be honest, the original ADZ baby block freebie was just a 3D representation of my 2D logo, which simply spells my first name. I never intended to make a complete baby block set. Read the rest…

NO! It’s NOT Baftime!

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Wandering around Linden Village, I found this.
Giant Bathtub in Linden Village
LindenVillage – Brent Linden’s Duck Pond, Levenhall (35, 27, 31)

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