Total of 2 Million Accounts Disappear

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I previously wrote that 800,000 accounts had disappeared from in-world search since mid-January, 2009. The SLNameWatch census bot has continued to count last names since then, as usual. Heritage names, including names that came and went before I founded, are only scheduled to be counted every 3 months, since we don’t normally expect rapid changes on names that are no longer available. Therefore, these numbers come in slowly. Nevertheless, the fact is, the more I survey name usage, the more accounts are suddenly missing. The total now stands at 2,024,371 accounts. This amounts to 15 percent of all accounts with heritage last names.
Some of the names still haven’t been counted since the purge started. So, I expect this figure to keep increasing. It may be that more and more accounts are being deleted, or it may just be that it takes a while for my census bot to notice, or both.
Meanwhile, I now know that the Total Accounts figure was intentionally removed from the economic statistics page. The economic statistics page is back, and everything is intact (in XML format, now), except the total accounts figure. *Shrug*. The bright side is, SLNameWatch is now the authority on the total number of accounts in Second Life®! :) Read the rest…

WEB-678: Last Name Early Retirement?

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WEB-678: 200+ Barely-used last names retired after only 18 days; only 100 new names released to offset them Read the rest…

SLNameWatch on New World Notes

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I haven’t written much about after creating this blog. So far I only mentioned it in passing in some of my previous posts. Meanwhile, Wagner James Au has been brewing this great post all about my SLNameWatch website. So I’ll just direct you all there. Saying more about it would just be repeating myself (I had alot to say about it already LOL). Adz In New World Notes

Adz Childs’ Internet Presence

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I am not real. I am only an avatar. I am an artificial boy, an approximation of some limited aspects of a human boy, in a virtual world. A real life human controls every aspect of my limited life. That relationship is (hopefully) not public. At any time, he can remake me as an adult, a dinosaur, or a Transformer. Or, he can log on to the Second Life website and delete me permanently. Linden Lab could close its doors, or delete me as well. This makes it especially interesting to see “Adz Childs” develop as a unique identity, with a presence on the web. Read the rest…