Inventory Cleanup

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A post at NWN talks about managing your in-world inventory. Be sure to check the comments for some additional, sensible advice.


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David has a fun toy called Shapefarmer 1.0 by The Wishfarmers LLC. It lets you load, create, and save “Tangrams“. Here are me and David loading the Swan tangram, the Rabbit tangram, and the Boy tangram. We created and uploaded the second two! Anyone in SL can load them now, with this toy.

Shopping Cart Fun

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Our parents say we’re not allowed to go to the mall by ourselves, anymore.

kazhhsd Visits RanDom

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The ((imaginary)) social worker dropped off a new kid at the house. We made him feel welcome and showed him our amusement park. I think he had fun.

My dads are gonna adopt kazhhsd Turbo. He will be my new brother! :)

Relaxing at Camp

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Summer is great, isn’t it? When we run out of things to do, we just sit by the lake and let time pass. Don’t tell my friends but sometimes I like to draw ripples in the water with my finger. That’s baby stuff, though.

Christian, Ninja, Adz, Larson

Rezday 3 Part 2

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Part 1: Rezday 3 [Update 1 2]

It’s my rezday! Yay!

Look! My dads threw a party for me, outside of the RanDom Amusement Park, and they invited all my friends!

Wow look at this awesome party Dad! Thanks!


We ran inside to the party.

Koffeekid was the DJ for me.

The music was good. He messed up the Happy Birthday song, but that’s okay.

Inside the party, the kids all played tag.

I opened a few presents.

I met some new friends!

Gary the Snail and Spongebob visited! Gary left dangerous patches of snail slime all over the dance floor. Koffeekid had to announce a warning about it.
And Patrick too! What Gary has in snail slime, Patrick has in idle drool.
Gel came and gave me a hug.

I can never figure this out. When I hug Gel, I’m the one who gets squished into a tight little ball. ???

Anyway. *squish*

Look at everyone who came to help me celebrate!

I felt really happy.

Marianne visited the party. She has crutches because she twisted her ankle at a bad sim crossing. She came just in time for ice cream!


After the party, some of the kids stayed to go on rides in the amusement park

(( I got a kid AO from Tiger Animations from Randy and Domineck ))

Look what I can do! I can roll! Watch! Are you watching?? Watch!

After that, Sok, Gel, Trodden, and I went to Sok’s meadow.

And Trodden gave me a new pet bunny!

As for Sok’s new hatchling…

Adz Childs listens carefully.
Adz Childs: …it sounds like he’s saying “pee! pee!”. I think we should call him “Peepee”.
Sokmunky Rutabaga: Adz, you think that’s the right name?
Adz Childs: Yeah.

Thanks, everyone! -Adz

Rezday 3 [Update 1 2]

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It’s my rezday! Yay!

I started the day by visiting the Milk N’ Kookies show at their new studio in Milk N Kookies Headquarters, KIC (65, 207, 26)
Koffeekid, who is my cousin and host of the show, wished me a happy birthday on the air! I jumped up and down as everyone in the studio wished me a happy birthday!

Milk N Kookies is now officially listed in SL WIki, under the heading Second Life Podcasts.

Now, please vote for MnK in the First Annual Second Life Residentsā€™ Choice Awards

Update 1: Here is the Event listing for my RezDay party. Adz Childs 3rd Rezz Day Party. *giggles*
Update 2 Sokmunky invited me to her chicken pen. She said a new chick is going to hatch today. I can name it. It’s going to be a boy. You can see the egg in the front of this picture. It’s gold!

Trodden’s Street

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I wandered into Trodden’s yard after school. He lives on a quiet block. He gave me some fruit punch. His ((imaginary)) mom is so nice! We played inside for a bit. We found some fireworks in the basement. I said we should light them at the end of the block, away from the houses and trees. It was fun!

Demolition Derby

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Friday was my brother David’s rez-day. So on Sunday the RanDom family hosted a demolition derby in our amusement park.
demolition_derby_at_random_1 Read the rest…

Random Amusement

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My daddies made an amusement park Here is a photo from the grand opening.

Random Amusement Park Opening Day

Random Amusement Park Opening Day

You can find Random Amusement Park at Random (108, 59, 501). It is open to all ages. There are bumper cars, water rides, a saloon, and two funhouses that you won’t find anywhere else in SL.

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