August 2010 Linden Updates

4:36 pm last names

This may be the last or second to last Linden Update unless I can find the motivation to modify my bot to search by usernames rather than First Last names. Oh yeah, and is about to be rendered obsolete. I intend to write about that, someday.

August 2010
Welcome, Mach2 Linden, Mach3 Linden, Mach4 Linden, Miles Linden, CommerceTeam Linden, Mach1 Linden, Kim Linden.
August 2010
So long, Space Linden, Weber Linden, Niko Linden, Qarl Linden, Howard Linden, Kate Linden, Sejong Linden, Pony Linden, Norm Linden, Ferny Linden, Reuben Linden, Kaylee Linden, Matthew Linden, Silver Linden, Dana Linden, Tay Linden, Shamiran Linden, Boston Linden, Zen Linden, Noob Linden, Molly Linden, Fisher Linden, Driscoll Linden, Heff Linden, Perry Linden, Tess Linden.

5 Responses
  1. Alex :

    Date: September 25, 2010 @ 10:36

    NameWatch AND Linden Update both defunct? That’s hard news. :-(

    Believe it or not, many people depend upon one or both of these services. More than you know.

    Ah well, when you gotta move on, you gotta move on. Good luck in all future endeavors.

  2. Adz :

    Date: October 4, 2010 @ 06:37

    I’m glad you find them useful.

    I’ll keep the data updating until search breaks. That will be any day now, I think. Everyone’s internal name on LL’s side of things is going to be converted to “adz.childs Resident”. In other words, everyone will have the same last name. SLNameWatch is then pointless. And to search for a Linden… maybe it will be possible to query “.linden ” I just…. Gah.

  3. Alex :

    Date: October 14, 2010 @ 13:29

    Pardon me, I’m kinda dense…..

    You mean everybody’s display surname will be the same? Even existing accounts?

    Or surnames will be the same only on the LL servers?

    Or all new registrations will be given the same surname?

    Any way it’s done, that will be confusing. I know about 20 people with the first name “Sally” alone and can you imagine what a pain in the butt it will be for noobs to try finding a unique first name?

    May I ask is there a website or something which outlines LL plans in this matter? I’d like to learn more details…

  4. Melvin :

    Date: January 8, 2012 @ 00:48

    Seems LL did make another last name some time ago… Can you add the last name Lab to

    Thank you!


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