August 2010 Linden Updates

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This may be the last or second to last Linden Update unless I can find the motivation to modify my bot to search by usernames rather than First Last names. Oh yeah, and is about to be rendered obsolete. I intend to write about that, someday.

August 2010
Welcome, Mach2 Linden, Mach3 Linden, Mach4 Linden, Miles Linden, CommerceTeam Linden, Mach1 Linden, Kim Linden.
August 2010
So long, Space Linden, Weber Linden, Niko Linden, Qarl Linden, Howard Linden, Kate Linden, Sejong Linden, Pony Linden, Norm Linden, Ferny Linden, Reuben Linden, Kaylee Linden, Matthew Linden, Silver Linden, Dana Linden, Tay Linden, Shamiran Linden, Boston Linden, Zen Linden, Noob Linden, Molly Linden, Fisher Linden, Driscoll Linden, Heff Linden, Perry Linden, Tess Linden.