A Boy’s Day

8:11 am activities, family, friends, photos

I played TechWarfare with David, Sok, Felixe, Wlfric, and Dale. TechWarfare is a very fun game for 2-8 players. It is a cross between Battlebots and Capture The Flag. We usually play it at Spindrift – SciLands member, edu, Spindrift (187, 170, 27)
tech wars

Then, many of us went to The Commune to listen to Uncle Janor play guitar.

Then, I went to a pyramid with Gel and David. In this picture I am pressing the wrong button for a puzzle, which meant five minutes of waiting! It was torture! We ended up solving the puzzle in the end, thanks to some hints from Gel. pyramid
Gel is working on his own maze and is pretty far along with it.
Then, I visited Trodden. He’s moving to a new house! There’s no furniture in it, yet. But it looks like it will be nice.
He gave me a pair of PJ’s. Wasn’t that nice? I had a good day.
trodden moves
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