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I made this SLNameWatch Donation Kiosk in May, but I haven’t posted an announcement until now. I don’t regret working many hours on this project one bit, and I will probably work many more. I am having fun and learning alot about C# and libsecondlife that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise — much more than I signed up for, LOL. That is reward enough for now. I’m not about to give details about the maintenance costs of the SLNameWatch webserver and census robot, or claim that your financial support is desperately needed to keep it running — not yet, at least. slnamewatch donation kiosk in Milu

(If you are familiar with php+mysql web hosting costs and the hardware requirements for a libsecondlife bot, you can probably make a pretty accurate guess at my recurring costs.) Any “fictional currency” you “donate” goes directly to me to offset hours worked. I cannot guarantee that your donations will directly help make SLNameWatch better, but they will help my motivation. You can visit this kiosk (SLurl) if you use or have used SLNameWatch and are dying to show a token of your appreciation for my extensive human labor on this project so far. This kiosk is currently the only way you can donate Linden Dollars™ to The kiosk is located in the first-continent region of Milu (67, 47, 28). It is next to a Linden Road. In-world, you can also search Places for “slnamewatch” and teleport there.

Moving on, what the heck am I going to do with all these calling cards? As of 2008-07-12, eight hundred seventy (870) users have signed up for Second Life® accounts using SLNameWatch’s Join Now Page Catalog, a.k.a. the Get The Last Name You Want page since 2008-03-17 when I first started taking advantage of the refer-a-friend program. I have a calling card for each one, and though I thank each and every one of you, these calling cards are really cluttering up my main account’s inventory. The inventory system does not offer a way to archive them, or transfer them to an alt. I could use an alt account for all subsequent referrals. I’ll probably make that change soon. The child avatar thing can throw some people off a bit, so I will probably change the referral code to link to an account with an adult-av profile. The drawback is I almost certainly will not be online under this alt to answer the occasional first-day questions.

The last thing I want to say today is that I’m interested to know more about what makes visitors interested in, and what features they like or do not like, and what they would like to see more of. Are the usage counts interesting to you, or are you mostly here for the Join Now instance tracking feature? I think one way to gather this information is to start a forum on the website. Users will be invited to discuss possible features so that I can gauge a level of interest in them, and best make use of my time and energy.

890 slnamewatch referrals

I hope the forum will be a good place to assemble feature requests, bugs, suggestions, and success stories. Additionally, it might be a place to discuss outside forces, such as looming changes to Linden policy regarding last names. A change in last name policy has threatened to make SLNameWatch obsolete since before I even created it! Yet, this change in last name policy hasn’t happened so far… its been over year. I digress. Expect an announcement soon about a new forum in my little corner of SL™ where dreadfully boring things such as this can be discussed. YAY!

Take care and thank you all for using SLNameWatch!

-Big Adz ))

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  1. Adz :

    Date: July 13, 2008 @ 14:30

    As of today, all links on to Second Life’s Join Now page use a refer-a-friend ID associated with Nicolas Biddle

  2. Winter Ventura :

    Date: July 14, 2008 @ 14:20

    I, for one, use to try and keep an eye out for “Good” alt names. The current list is utterly attrocious, and it looks like I missed my chance at “Messenger”. =(

    Oh well.

    I’m setting up a bot in my shop, and it’s also going to serve as a product model. I was hoping for a good name. Doesn’t look like there’s much available at the moment, luckily I have an alt or two that can serve the bot duty until a better name is available. I like the “new names notification” on Google groups. I signed up, so I hope it still works.

    One thing I do wish… I wish that for a period of time, names that have been marked as “inactive” would still show up on the registration page. Some little part of me wishes that I knew which site(s) “Messenger” was last available through, so I could go see if it was still there, and maybe just a glitch on your end.. Maybe the use of strikethrough to show names that “appear to be dead” for let’s say a couple of weeks?

  3. Adz :

    Date: July 15, 2008 @ 17:20

    Hi, Winter.

    Here are my thoughts on Messenger. I think it was a special name created by one of the alternative registration portals. I have a hunch that it was not intended for public consumption. It was listed on the registration page of this one community only. I never actually created an account with that name to verify that it would actually work. The name did grow in usage over time. It was listed there for over 200 days, so maybe it was put there on purpose after all. In any case, its gone now. I don’t think its coming back.

    A similar situation applies to “Pond”.

    If you think the current list is atrocious, then please vote for WEB-704 in SL’s JIRA.

    The Google Group and new name alert are still working. It has a perfect track record so far.

    I like the idea for the strikethrough. Thank you. The only names like Messenger are Pond and GossipGirl. I don’t remember what portal offered Messenger. I’m always on the lookout for 3rd party registration portals but it is very rare that they offer a special name. A major exception was CSI:NY.

    My site really doesn’t really keep a history of what name was offered where. All that information is overwritten every 15 minutes. For example, the names that were offered exclusively through CSI:NY are indistinguishable from all of the other retired names now that they are retired, too. I could make the website keep a history… Conceivably, that information could help me spot patterns and decode the Join Now system.

  4. Adz :

    Date: July 16, 2008 @ 06:22

    You know, Robonaught is still available. That’s a pretty good name for a bot.

  5. Winter Ventura :

    Date: July 22, 2008 @ 22:31

    Yeah I know.. but it’s boring. I came up with a hundred good “Messenger” names… and I owe the perfect name of “Accounting Binder” to your site as well. Only problem was, I was only “toying with” the idea of running a bot, and when I actually got the greenlight on the project, the “messenger” name was gone. Oh well.

    So I’m eagerly awaiting the next batch of names.

    Thanks again for your great service.

  6. Adz :

    Date: August 12, 2008 @ 06:59

    After I changed the referral ID to Nicolas Biddle, Nicolas Biddle hasn’t received a single calling card. I created an alt to verify that calling cards are not being shared upon referral. Something is broken. I changed it back to Adz for now until I can figure out what is wrong. Perhaps the new join now system doesn’t do referrals??!?

  7. Nicci :

    Date: September 12, 2008 @ 15:23

    I was just able to get an avie with the last name Messenger via the isn RegAPI portal.

  8. Adz :

    Date: September 30, 2008 @ 19:51

    More explanation (including a link to the IGN portal) here:

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