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(( Adz’ cousin Gabriel Canning reminds me why I chose to be a kid avatar in SL™. I don’t know how to elaborate on that, in words. So, just take a look. ))

gabe dancing After the July 4 Milk N’ Kookies Show, everyone ran to the dance floor to dance. I ran into my cousin Gabe. He is my cousin because my Daddy Dom is Gabe’s mom’s brother. I think his Bob The Builder stuff is really cool. He has a really neat backpack filled with stuff like fat crayons, comic books, regular books, and a video game. He also has shoes you don’t have to tie. They have plastic straps. He also has these bright plastic bracelets on his ankles. When you take them off you can link them together in a chain! I’ve seen girls wear them mostly but I think the part about linking them together is cool and I am happy to see Gabe wear them because that means I can too I think and maybe the girls won’t laugh. I talked with Gabe a little bit while we danced to the music that closed the MnK show.

Adz Childs: Can you tell me whats in your backpack?
Gabriel Canning: sure, i got a magnifier glas, some crayons, comic books and a mini senso (or simon in the US i think) and a calculator
Gabriel Canning: pyromaniac comics is my fave ; )
gabe front
Adz Childs: neat! what is the calculator for
Gabriel Canning: im lousy at that stuff, im better with languages, so i got it to help me calculate tricky stuff when needed
gabe backpack
Adz Childs: oh okay.
Gabriel Canning: better than counting fingers and toes actually : )
Gabriel Canning giggles
gabe feet
(( Coincidentally, Night Morrisey, a friend of Elizabeth Barrett, Gabe’s SL mother, wrote a story about Elizabeth’s family, today, entitled, Virtual Family, Real Life. It is a very sweet story and describes this virtual family very well. ))

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