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Milk N' Kookies show at Kids5b july 4 Milk N’ Kookies broadcast a show in Kids5B today. Here is a pic. Sorry for all the grey in the background. My player needs to get more memory! Crap Mariner visited too, and she wrote about it. Her pic is a little better than mine, as hers doesn’t have the grey in the background. Anyway, you can see how many kids came! It was a great show. Sokmunky spoke about story time, and how she felt about the time she read The Little Prince. She also talked about girl scouts and said some interesting thing about why its tough to translate girl scouts into SL. Sok, it was nice to hear you today. You are very special to me!
This is what I wore. Blue zipstrap shoes are by Trodden, mismatched socks are by Jeremy, red shorts are by Loki, SB underooz are by me, two-tone shirt is by Tepic of Kids Outfitters, flag is by David , and the neat stars sticking out of my head are by Marianne. Thanks Marianne! My player says there is a reason why I dressed like this today, but *shrugs* I just think its fun. adz dressed for july4

(( Tomorrow I am 29. I keep getting older. Adz stays the same age.
I like Independence Day quite a bit. My birthday over the years has almost always been wrapped into Independence Day celebrations. For example as a kid my cake was often red-white-and-blue colored, sometimes with toothpick flags stuck in it! Blow out the flags, yay! I never minded. My mom sometimes worried that she was shortchanging me on my birthday, but I never felt that way at all. I sometimes got strange questions. One of them was, “Did you used to think the fireworks were for you?” Grown-ups ask stupid questions of kids sometimes when they don’t know what to say. Early on, I co-opted Independence Day, or it co-opted me. What little boy wouldn’t want fireworks on (nearly) his birthday? Giving into it just meant that my birthday party was a huge picnic celebration over a four-day weekend, every year! Not that!
As a kid I always thought 4th of July was a pretty damn cool holiday. As an adult, I feel the same way. The fun ratio is better on Independence Day, compared to other holidays. No family pressure. No religious baggage. Good food. Nice weather. A healthy combination of fun and meaning. And it ends with colored lights exploding in the sky, and a sense of solemn pride and optimism. I am glad to share a birthday (nearly) with America.

-Big Adz ))

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  1. soki :

    Date: July 4, 2008 @ 17:33

    Happy Birthday! Love you lots.

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