KIDS5B – Crafts Center

4:27 pm activities, child avatars, games, photos, presence

Kids5B exhibit Art Center by Adz Childs, Alton Icarus (49, 90,23)
This is an art center designed after art classrooms found in elementary school, or activity centers found at summer camp. I created this exhibit because one of my favorite things to do is color and create things used for coloring. My new brother David must like it too, because one of his first creations is an easel which he calls ‘caballete dibujo’. I put it out on display too.

  • Most of the art supplies and coloring tables were provided by Cricket Nelson.
  • caballete dibujo’s created by David Thurman
  • Interactive Coloring Pads created by Adz Childs
  • Pottery Wheel that dispenses pottery if you “work” for a few minutes.
  • Sky Writer – Lets you draw in mid-air! (Build-permissions required for operation)
  • Free settable baby alphabet block full perms (novelty created by Adz Childs and Seth Mandelbrot)
  • Free pair of scissors that only appears when you run (novelty scripted by Seth Mandelbrot)

kids5b craft center

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