Social Networking Media Matrix

4:12 pm jokes, media, presence, research
  My You Face Second
My MyMy MyYou MyFace MySecond
You YouMy YouYou YouFace YouSecond
Face FaceMy FaceYou FaceFace FaceSecond
Second SecondMy SecondYou SecondFace SecondSecond
Space SpaceMy SpaceYou SpaceFace SpaceSecond
Tube TubeMy TubeYou TubeFace TubeSecond
Book BookMy BookYou BookFace BookSecond
Life LifeMy LifeYou LifeFace LifeSecond
  Space Tube Book Life
My MySpace MyTube MyBook MyLife
You YouSpace YouTube YouBook YouLife
Face FaceSpace FaceTube FaceBook FaceLife
Second SecondSpace SecondTube SecondBook SecondLife
Space SpaceSpace SpaceTube SpaceBook SpaceLife
Tube TubeSpace TubeTube TubeBook TubeLife
Book BookSpace BookTube BookBook BookLife
Life LifeSpace LifeTube LifeBook LifeLife
One Response
  1. Dusan Writer :

    Date: June 17, 2008 @ 10:55

    HAHAHAHA I LOVE this!!!!

    I had someone at work who was trying to show how hip they were to social media as someone else “Yeah, but do you have a myFace page?”

    Everyone laughed (poor lady, she’s since gone back to knitting or whatever) and then I thought “yeah, but I bet someone HAS created a myFace site”…and sure enough.


    Thanks for this handy reference.

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