Shape-Based Exclusion Threatened

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According to the leadership of Second Life Children (SLC), who have been speaking with Linden Lab through the expected channels, avatars of a named but poorly defined shape and size are not allowed to form a recognized community for the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration (SL5B). Additionally, a lowbie-Linden reports that she doesn’t even know if avatars presenting in said shape will even be allowed to attend the celebration (she is “checking”). I hope this decision does not withstand review of the higher-ranking Lindens. I am disappointed and saddened, and have no idea what to expect as this plays out. I just hope they come to their senses. The precedent is astounding. But, I blame the climate of fear. Society needs a villain. People feel good about going after said villain, even though it improves nothing in terms of society.
SLC – Child Avatars Not Welcome at SL5B
SLForums – SL5B – No Kid Avatars, please! (payment-on-file required)
Virtual World News: Congressman Mark Kirk v. Second Life
Ironically, SL5B’s theme this year is “culture”.

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