SLNameWatch Bot Journal [Update]

12:17 pm last names, software development

I have not been able to compile libsecondlife since before Release 0.3. This bothers me. I want to see if any improvements to libsecondlife can make my SLNameWatch bot communicate more efficiently with the grid, or be less prone to crashing. It bothers me that I haven’t been able to compile a fresh checkout of libsecondlife since 2007-07-11. It still works, I guess, with a stream of unhandled events. But, I feel bad that I’m connecting to the grid with such an old version of libsecondlife. In any case, someday it’s going to suddenly completely not work anymore, and will suffer for it. So, I’m on a mission to fix this. I will post my adventure here.
2008-05-17 To limit variables, I am starting with a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.04. Installation went smoothly.
2008-05-17 Fresh svn checkout of libsecondlife 0.4.1
2008-05-18 Filed LIBOMV-241
2008-05-18 It compiles and runs. I wonder what the problem was, the last dozen times I tried to do this? There are some messages I’ve never seen before. “Attempting to update inventory child of ….when we have no local reference to that folder.” “502 error from event queue …. ” I will investigate these.
[Update]The object DirectoryManager.AgentSearchData has changed. The element .AgentID.ToString() now returns a hyphenated UUID. Adjustments for this are best made on the PHP side, methinks.
Looking at this C# program… man this is badly coded. This is embarrassing. I need to rewrite this.
In the meantime… Added a startLocation parameter — no more bot straying to the nearest infohub upon simulator crash.
[Update 2008-05-26]This should be the last update. I spent all of Memorial Day weekend on the slnamewatch usage bot. I created something I’m really proud of. The bot now works the way it is supposed to, and I no longer consider it something I slapped together. I gave in to the way C# wants me to write code. It is really a machine, now. Special thanks to libsecondlife for providing the essential library.

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