Daddy Domineck

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After I finished asking Randy the questions the teacher gave me, I did the same questions with my next family member, Daddy Domineck. We sat in the dining room and talked.

[18:36] You: Daddy… in school on Friday the teacher gave us an assignment
[18:36] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:35] Domineck Heron: um son what grade you in?
[18:36] Domineck Heron: cuz if u in 5th i’m in trouble
[18:36] You: i am in 3rd grade daddy!
[18:36] Domineck Heron: cuz i am not smarter than a 5th grader
[18:36] Domineck Heron: whew
[18:36] Domineck Heron: so what is the assignment
[18:37] You: the assignment is to interview the people in my family about the family and their careers
[18:37] You: and what they do n’ stuff
[18:37] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:37] You: and i’m supposed to write down what you say, then take a picture, and post the answers and the picture on a web site
[18:37] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:37] You: all before tomorrow! (( Adz leaves out the part about not doing anything until the night before its due ))
[18:38] You: okay so can i ask ? there are like 6 questions
[18:38] Domineck Heron: lol well son u should not procrastinate
[18:38] Domineck Heron: yes son ask away

Adz sits with Domineck in dining room

[18:38] You: Where do you live?
[18:39] Domineck Heron: on random island
[18:39] Adz Childs writes
[18:39] Domineck Heron: oh wait spell it right
[18:39] Domineck Heron: RanDom
[18:39] Adz Childs draws a big D over the small one.
[18:39] Domineck Heron: lol
[18:40] Domineck Heron: whew that was an easy one

[18:40] You: Who lives with you? Who is in your family?
[18:40] Domineck Heron: Randy, my husband and Adz our wonderful son
[18:41] Domineck Heron: oh and a bunch of fish and a big spider but he stays in Adz room
[18:41] Adz Childs writes.

[18:41] You: How did you meet Daddy Randy?
[18:41] Domineck Heron: I was invited to a party and Randy was there . I fell from the sky and landed at his feet and it was love right away
[18:41] Domineck Heron: hence the angel pics son lol
[18:42] You: oh, okay daddy.

[18:43] You: What do you do for work?
[18:44] Domineck Heron: hhhmmm
[18:44] Domineck Heron: well i own a club names Domineck’s
[18:45] Adz Childs writes
[18:46] You: Do you have a career? Some of the questions are about careers
[18:46] You: i dunno why they want me to ask that.
[18:47] Domineck Heron: hhhmmm career ? well i do make clothes like the t shirts so i guess i have a career in designer?
[18:47] You: Oh! I’ll write club owner. What is good about that career?
[18:47] You: oh… clothing designer *writes*
[18:48] Domineck Heron: well I think the best thing about owning a club is the ppl you meet
[18:48] Domineck Heron: And watching them have fun
[18:48] You: okay there are two more questions
[18:48] Domineck Heron: ok
[18:49] Adz Childs tries to iron the creases out of the beat up assignment sheet using the edge of the table.
[18:49] Domineck Heron: (( omg you are like me as a kid ))

[18:49] You: What do you do at home?
[18:50] Domineck Heron: well i am not home much but i like to dance in the ballroom and swim in the pool
[18:50] Domineck Heron: i like to sit in the chair and read with you
[18:50] Domineck Heron: or play blocks
[18:50] Domineck Heron: we have the aviary and i like to sit in there and watch the birds….
[18:51] Domineck Heron: there is more but i don’t think those things can go in the paper lol
[18:51] Adz Childs writes most of that. It takes him a while.
[18:51] Domineck Heron: ok lol
[18:51] You: oh its okay daddy i think this is what they want

[18:52] You: okay. What do you and your family like to do together?
[18:52] Domineck Heron: well i like it when we go to the amusement park
[18:52] Domineck Heron: and the zoo
[18:53] Domineck Heron: and we like to go listen to live music
[18:53] You: okay daddy that was awesome. now i just need to take your picture too
[18:53] You: so smile.

Daddy Dominick photo for homework

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