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I know this would be more appropriate for Father’s Day than Mother’s Day but I don’t have a mother (she died). In my previous post, I announced that I am seeking a little brother. This post, and one more on the way, are to help you learn more about my adopted family. I have two daddies. I will tell you about them.

[18:08] You: okay so um last Friday when i was at school the teacher gave me an assignment. i have to do it by tomorrow
[18:08] You: (( and he hasn’t started it yet and is just telling you about it now. ))
[18:09] Randy Burt: oh and he assignment is what?
[18:09] Randy Burt: maybies we can help
[18:09] You: I need your help. The assignment is I need to interview the members of my family. I have to ask these 5 or 6 questions, and write down what you say. …
[18:09] You: … the questions are about you and our family
[18:10] You: … then i have to take our picture, and then i have to type it all up and put it on a website.
[18:10] You: i have to do it for both you and daddy dom
[18:10] You: can you?
[18:11] Randy Burt: ok shoot
[18:12] You: okay.

[18:12] You: Where do you live?
[18:12] Randy Burt: ********
[18:13] Randy Burt: oh or secondlife where do i live
[18:13] You: no no i mean in SL™
[18:13] You: remember.. this is going on a web site when we’re done
[18:13] Randy Burt: in second life I Live on Random Island
[18:13] You: okay
[18:13] Adz Childs reads from a crumpled up paper he’s had in his backback since Friday

[18:13] You: Who lives with you? Who is in your family?
[18:14] Randy Burt: My Husband Domineck and our Son Adz
[18:14] Adz Childs scribbles that down

[18:14] You: How did you meet Daddy Dom?
[18:15] Randy Burt: He fell from the Heaven in a glow into my home called the Anchor on June 10, 2007 at a Dance Party
[18:16] You: oh, okay. *writes that down*

[18:16] You: What do you do for a living?
[18:17] Randy Burt: I do nothing, I am a very wealthy man who inherited “old” money
[18:17] You: Did you ever need to work?
[18:19] Randy Burt: oh no i never worked
[18:19] You: did you have a career? ( the assignment is about careers a little , and also about families)
[18:19] You: oh okay. no career.
[18:19] Adz Childs writes
[18:19] Randy Burt: nope no career

[18:19] You: okay. What do you do at home?
[18:20] Randy Burt: daddy dom is on line and we will switch when you are finished
[18:20] You: okay
[18:20] You: this is the last question Daddy Randy. then i should take a picture after you put a shirt on
[18:20] Randy Burt: I tend to the hired help and hire carpenters and sort of make arrangements to move things accidentally
[18:24] Randy Burt: what do you want me to wear for the picture
[18:24] You: hmmm
[18:25] You: hmm i dunno
[18:25] The Secret Passage: Says.. Shhhhhh..Randy Burt
[18:25] You: a tee shirt i think
[18:25] You: where are you goin?
[18:26] Randy Burt: i went through the wall be right back
[18:26] Randy Burt: lol
[18:26] You: okay
[18:26] The Secret Passage: Says.. Shhhhhh..Randy Burt
[18:27] You: you look nice daddy

Randy For Adz Homework

[18:21] You: oops i missed one question. What do you and your family like to do together?
[18:22] Randy Burt: We love to go on family outings

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