Spaceflight Museum

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Yesterday I went to the International Spaceflight Museum with my daddies and my friend Jess.

family staring at giant model of saturn There was a giant model for each planet of the solar system, plus a few more to cover Pluto and the asteroid belt and stuff like that. I think we visited all of them. At many of the planets displays, you can visit the surface. We went to the surface of Mars, where we saw models of all the mars landers, satellites, and rovers. I wonder what it would be like to be a Mars rover?
We explored some more, and I found this cool thing. It is a 3D model of all the stars that are near Sol. I wonder which star is our sun? Our world is 3D, but Trodden’s model says the surface is flat. trodden model of the planet system What’s up with that? Maybe we should launch some some real rockets to try to figure out where we are in the universe. ((Adz strokes his bare chin.)) A trip to the museum leads to more questions, than answers. adz staring at 3d model of star neighborhood

I had a good time at the Spaceflight museum and I hope to go back real soon!

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