Candy Land

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Today I had some friends over. We played Candy Land!
Daddy Randy, TerryAnn Antonelli, and Gelgisith played the first game. Randy won that one because he got to take the rainbow road, and he didn’t draw a single special card the whole game. Not one!

candyland02 Later, TerryAnn had to leave, but Trodden and Sokmunky came over. In this picture, we are in the middle of the game. I’m winning!
Here’s Daddy Randy advancing a yellow space or two. I’m WAY over there, worrying about my lead a little. You never know what will happen, in Candy Land. candyland03
candyland05 Ohhh! Trodden won. Here we are congratulating him. Go Trodden! It was a close one.
After the game, Sok and Randy had to go. But I showed Trodden and Gel around my house. I showed them my outer-space bedroom, which has a model of the world as we know it, which Trodden invented. In the model, the sun and moon really move! I think it goes well in my outer-space bedroom. candyland06
candyland07 After a while, I got tired and crashed on my bed. Luckily I was already in PJs!

Thanks for coming over to play with me, guys!

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