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Not everyone can access SLForums, and they are not indexed. Here is a digest of what I had to say there regarding the changes to the Second Life new account process. Sorry for posting one side of a two-sided conversation at times. I didn’t feel like asking permission from all authors.

03-14-2008, 10:47 AM

Question Why do only 60 names appear on the Join Now page?
Why do only 60 last names appear in the drop-down on the Join Now page, when I know that 100’s of last names are available, many of them new as of today?
Why is it that every time I reload the page (clicking through the “community” suggestion when necessary), I get a slightly different list?
What will this mean for SLNameWatch.com?

03-14-2008, 10:48 AM

LL Changes Join Now Page Again
I know! I know!
Details, here:

03-14-2008, 03:37 PM

Heh.. you just described my morning. ..took me forever to figure out what the problem was. My first reaction (which i erased) was… why did LL retired 400 names and only release 50 to replace them!! and why did they leave open some last names with over 10000 active accounts? Eventually i figured out that it wasn’t that simple.

Does Ben&Jerry’s have exclusive last names? I’m always on the lookout for alternative registration portals that offer last names that you cannot otherwise get. The only ones I found so far were CSI:NY and GossipGirl. (These exclusive last name venues were yet another unexpected challenge to getting this project to work.)


03-15-2008, 01:59 PM

LL just released a total of 709 last names
SLNameWatch is functionally restored.

By the way, LL just released a total of 709 last names. There are now 958 last names available to new accounts.

Unfortunately, each of the 24 join-now servers now has its own sub-list :/ So you’ll have to poke each one, and manually look through the dropdown, if you are looking for a particular name that is listed on SLNameWatch as active.
I plan to add a feature that will tell you WHICH server to visit in order to get the name you want.

03-15-2008, 07:01 PM

LL has effectively made it so you cannot pick a certain last name you are looking for
Thanks, ****

Well, my announcement may have been a bit premature.
The following is cross-posted on my blog

There are at least 1579 last names available, but if you survey all 24 secure-web servers, that only harvests 1440 names (24*60). Only 900-1000 of them are unique. I can reload all 24 Join Now pages 10 times, and still discover new ones with each survey. It is not practical to hit the secondlife.com website 240 times per hour, and still come up with an incomplete list. No longer do I see a way to automate the determination of which last names are currently available. It certainly isn’t as easy as it was when I conceived of this website. What have they done to me!

I’m stumped (AGAIN). This is really disheartening. I’m going to set this aside indefinitely. If anyone has any further ideas for how to fix the method SLNameWatch uses to figure out which names are active, or a way for users to jump directly to a version of Join Now that will allow them to select the name that have in mind, please post here or in my blog.


03-15-2008, 07:04 PM

I really want to know…. WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?

03-15-2008, 09:48 PM

Thank you for the kind words and sympathy.
I would like to get in touch with a Linden about this. I have been wondering for a while if I am on their radar screen at all.

03-18-2008, 09:20 AM

Two-letter last names are a royal pain in the ass for me to count. I have to queue them manually and I save them for last. They take about 1000x more requests to the sl search server than they ought to, and I feel guilty every time i set up my bot to count them.
But, there should be no trouble seeing them in the last of names even though the usage count should be blank.
Yes… here…
If it is listed as heritage, that just means it wasn’t available on ANY of the join now pages last time i checked. If it doesn’t appear on any join now page, all my script can do is assume it has been retired. Its not an error in logic; its just that there is so much missing information now that the join now pages each only show 60 out of 1500 last names. The system worked perfectly before this change on LL’s side. Anyway, check my site again later and it will show up as active.

There are so many new names, it will take a full week to get their first round of counts. Only after some time will the popularity of the names really emerge.

2008-03-27 11:21 AM

I am having a tough time explaining it. First, forget WoW. Everyone gets into the same world, eventually. Its just that there are many ways to create an SL account, now.

There are different instances of the Join Now page. Linden Lab runs 32 official ones, and there are alternative portals which use the RegAPI. Until this month, all of the instances of join now and all of the alternative registration pages (except CSI:NY and GossipGirl) offered the same list of last names. Now, each one is a little different, and ever-changing. I’m not sure why they did this, but for one thing, imagine going to the new account page and seeing a drop down of 2000+ last names to choose from. It would be kind of ridiculous to present that large of a selection, to a new-comer. For experienced users who want a particular last name, though, there is slnamewatch.com.

Once you register though, you’re in the same world as everyone else. Its nothing like WoW.

Private Message: Re: Last Names
03-18-2008, 09:05 AM

Re: Last Names
Originally Posted by *****
I was curious if you know the origin of the names created? Who comes up with them? I noticed a lot of the new names keep a common theme with being important names in Nascar (Gordon, Hendricks, Vickers, Childress, Riggs, Rudd, Jarrett, Raines, Sprague, Huffman, Pearson, Whitt, Crocker, Hamlin, Grubbs, Elliott…theres a lot more, plus Champion & Driver). I just thought it was neat, being a big Nascar fan, I thought maybe whoever came up with new last names at LL might of been a Nascar fan

Hi, *****
You’ve touched on one of the founding ideas being SLNameWatch. It is not a secret that LL picks batches of names with a certain theme. When I first joined, the last names available were a bunch of Canadian Hockey Players.

While I don’t have time to categorize the thoughts behind each pool of last names, and I can’t think of a way to automatically check that, I have added some handy links beside each name in SLNameWatch to external name-directory sites to help you figure out each name’s origin in RL. Click on enough of them, and you might discover the thought process behind whole groups of them! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to collect data about heritage name availability date spans for names retired before last year. I can think of how to do this, but it would be alot of work and would multiply my load on SL’s infrastructure. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to sort by usage count. Over the years, usage counts for each name have been steadily increasing. This is a ad-hoc way of sorting last names roughly by release date.

Anyway, about the name “themes” you might want to read the FAQ [url]http://www.slnamewatch.com/FAQ.htm[/url]

Originally Posted by SLNameWatch FAQ, quoting SL Names FAQ
When are last names created?

There isn’t a set schedule to them. As soon as old names are retired and the list of choices gets shorter, we replenish and add them in batches. Traditionally, we’ve done themes, like hockey players, economists, food, and rock stars, but sometimes we’ll add new ones without a theme too. Last names aren’t announced ahead of time.

Unfortunately I can’t really think of a way to incorporate that info into the site… maybe I can create a forum on slnamewatch! with one forum folder for each last name!!! Oh man, the more I talk with people, the more cool ideas I hatch.



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