Outer Space

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Today I went to outer space for real (not just pretend)! I went to the new The Second Life Childrens (SLC) Learning Tree Centre, and I met a new friend named sven Homewood. He told me there is a place where you can go and explore outer space for real. I didn’t believe him but he took me there and he was right.

The place is called Privateer Space. We explored it from top to bottom, in our SpaceBug-H4 V2.0 (available for free at the launchpad). Thankfully they offered free HAV suits too! We used the SpaceBug to explore several space stations. One of them had Linden Lab®’s server room! Scary! Here is a pic of me and sven in one of the space stations. The door was marked with an atom. *Adz cannot resist touching all the buttons* adz and sven at privateerspace
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