Status of Remaining Two Grids

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I have two posts in my drafts. They have been there since January. They are the OpenLifeGrid and DeepGrid counterparts of my posts, Adz Childs Born On OSGrid, Adz Childs Born On Central Grid, and Adz Local born on Localhost. I will now delete the drafts.

I have been waiting and waiting for experiments with these grids to complete successfully so I can finally release an overall summary. Today I have decided to just give up and release the summary. If some miracle happens and I am able to finally connect to these remaining two alternate grids, I will post and update. But someone would have to talk me into it again — I’ve stopped trying to connect as of today.

I also have some Launcher Icons I created in GIMP, based on the respective grid logos. I will now release those.

Here is the summary table.

CentralGrid Alive and well. I connect instantly. Here is a launcher icon for you. cg.ico
OSGrid Alive and well. I connect instantly. Here is a launcher icon for you. osg.ico
DeepGrid Unable to connect. Since January. Multiple client versions attempted. Multiple home regions attempted. Multiple login URI’s attempted. You see, their website is sparse even though the design is promising. So, I cannot find login URI information on the official site. Instead, I have tried three different login URI’s, always based on what it says in someone’s blog, or in an update to the wiki. Each time, my hopes are dashed when I am still unable to connect. The error message varies, but it is always terminal. dg.ico
OpenLifeGrid No response from website. Simple as that. I was going to write about the difficulties in getting a username, but it hardly matters now. Here’s an launcher icon in case they ever come back to life. olg.ico

Apologies to the two grids i was unable to connect to. I gave it my best shot. Now… I see there are new grids listed at I’m tempted to try.

Again, no political statements here. LL still gets my $31/mo., not to mention Adz’ Dad’s private island.

Happy grid-hopping.

-Big Adz

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