Riding Bikes With Trodden

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I fell asleep in a tent at Scout Camp. When I woke up, Trodden was there. After breakfast (eggs, bacon, and cocoa) we decided to play together today. First we went to The Forum Cartel Hangout and I gave him a tour. Then he said, “Magrathean is great. They had a skate park and backyard wrestling ring a few weeks ago but they disappeared :( I wonder if they put that stuff back yet, wanna see? I hope it’s not just an empty lot again” I said sure.
So we headed to State Funded Skate Park, Magrathean (76, 208, 24) It was an empty lot as he feared. So we made our own bike ramps! I’m the best at riding bikes… well, maybe Trodden is a little better. Here he is, doing a jump: Trodden Bike Jumping

(( hey… where’s Trodden’s helmet and pads? I don’t think this place has insurance! ))

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