Adz Childs Born On OSGrid

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Today Adz Childs arrived in OSGrid.

Here he is seconds after entering the world. Adz Childs Born On OSGrid 1
After a few minutes of tweaking, he’s good to go. Adz Childs Born On OSGrid 2

Wow… this place actually has a welcome area with some signs to help new users. Nice job! I said hi to someone but he didn’t respond. I wandered off and crashed.

Obligatory first impressions.
Administrative: Instant registration. Easy to find loginuri. No problems connecting on first try. Maybe I was just lucky.
Technical: World map is blank (even if you wait a minute, as a sign in the welcome area advises). Clicking appearance makes your avatar rocket into the sky. Physics is a little wonky — avatar’s feet are buried underground. I crashed when attempting to do a region crossing and was unable to get back when I tried an hour later.
Policy and Fear Factor: Did not ask for any personal information. Avatar Firstname, Avatar lastname, password, email address. That’s all. No TOS I could find. No registration or content restrictions.

Once again, this is not a political statement. I just like to be a pioneer.

-Big Adz.

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  1. Dusan Writer :

    Date: January 28, 2008 @ 15:39

    Hey Adz….visited as well and no idea how you did the clothing so quick, I spent so much time lagging but I was impressed and giddy from my visit. See you on the new grid, and the old grid…heck…all the grids one massive spinning universe of spaces.

    My own visit here:

  2. Adz :

    Date: January 28, 2008 @ 16:09

    Hi, Dusan. Thanks for stopping by my site. The clothing is just a grid of 100 spongebobs on a blue background. It is made without attention to the position of the spongebobs, the seams, or any kind of template. The same texture is used for the shirt, pants, and socks. It was quick-and-dirty, but I figured the alternative grid really needed its first pair of PJ’s VERY BADLY. So, there they are. Thanks for the compliment about the speed anyway. :)
    Yes, I read that article yesterday in my iGoogle Reader. Thanks for that. Not to split hairs, but this post was about OSGrid, not OpenLifeGrid. They all run OpenSim, so the experience is roughly equivalent. There are differences in the ease of connectivity. I will be publishing a similiar post about OpenLifeGrid specifically as soon as the admin gets back to me about the PHP mail() errors on their registration portal. I guess you managed to register your new avatar before their registration system went down. Happy grid-hopping!!!
    -Big Adz

  3. Dusan Writer :

    Date: January 28, 2008 @ 19:05

    Ahhh!!! Thanks for the clarification and that might also explain my lack of ability to create clothing – no such thing as texture uploads, at least in the welcome area.

    Geez, so many grids, so little time.

    And what’s Google doing tracking me? Big brother knows all I guess.

  4. Adz :

    Date: January 28, 2008 @ 21:10

    Google Reader is just a neat thing that aggregates RSS feeds. I added your RSS feed manually. If I see something in my pool of RSS subscriptions that looks interesting, I can “share” it through the Google Reader as well. In that case, it appears in the green box at the right of this page. By the way, a service called Feedburner helps you track who is viewing your site through RSS feeds. I think I added your RSS feed when I saw you in this NWN article, and by the time I visited your site that same day, you’d already made two more posts! Great stuff… wide range of topics… keep up the good writing!

  5. Axaes Xandal :

    Date: May 11, 2008 @ 17:58

    I’ve just seen these posts and I wanted to remind everyone to come back once in a while. I’ve been in OSGrid now for a month or two, and been building away – some kind soul just gave me a region to do what I want with. When has that ever happened in SL? My primlimit? Oh, somewhere in the region of 44,000 I think.

    Yes there are still crashes, Opensim is still beta stage, but things are definitely improving all the time. So don’t forget about us and stick your pixeled head in and say hi, it does get lonely at times, especially for someone like me who talks all the time.

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