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Today I woke up, got dressed, and met my dads downstairs by their club. I helped them fix a few things with the build, and we all decided today would be a good day for a family outing. I picked the place… Greenies! I asked if I could invite a friend and they said sure. So I invited Koffeekid. Sokmunky caught up with us later but she missed the pictures.

Greenies is a fun place. You start off on a flying saucer. You can see what the Greenies (little aliens) life is like on their flying saucer. When you find their teleport beam, you discover that the flying saucer is hovering above earth, above someone’s house! If you take the beam, you get shrunk down to Greenie size, and what you see inside the house explains EVERYTHING about why things go wrong in your house… little gremlins are messing with all your stuff!
In the first picture, I, Daddy Dom, Koffeekid, and Daddy Randy are standing on a kitchen counter. Over Randy’s shoulder you can see a kitchen table… that thing on the table is an electric guitar!
We flew over to it and you can see us standing next to the tuning keys of it in the next picture. That should tell you how bit it was and how far away it was. In the third picture, we’re all standing on the pickups of the guitar. The Greenie shown in the front of the picture is about to get launched across the room by his Greenie buddy, using a guitar string like a slingshot! In the background you can see the kitchen cabinets and appliances… yup.. thats the counter we were standing on before!
We explored a bit more… we found a Greenie who had a run-in with a hot iron, mischievous Greenies letting a caged canary loose, and a curious Greenie fooling with a digital camera. Inside one of the drawers of a desk there was a Greenie riding on a giant pink pen, or something… He had a big smile on his face. I don’t know why that pen made him so happy…
I had a great time at Greenies with my dads, Koffeekid and Sokmunky. Weee!
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