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Today I achieved the rank of “Marquis” in the Second Life mini-game, Tiny Empires. This photo is of me sitting in busy mode at the Vortex, moments after my promotion. Actually, I achieved this rank last night, but I was immediately informed that some of my subjects were too low to continue as my subjects, and I was forced to shed them, and was demoted. But I’m back to “Marquis” now. I’m sure more promotions will follow. Adz_playing_te
I first heard about T/E at Massively. I joined Eloise’s downline for about a day until I discovered that many of my friends were already playing! I joined Prince Kris Spade’s hierarchy, under Dale Kidd, and more recently, Prince Gemini Enfield. I have no plans to leave, but I am not obligated to stay. I recommend this exciting sub-hierarchy for any child avatars interested in trying out the turn-based game. It is the tiny empire for the tiny.

Of course, any ranks or relationships I list here will fall out of date in a matter of days. (Type their name in this form to see where they stand.) That’s the interesting thing about this game. Granted, in some regards its like a pyramid scheme. You need to pledge loyalty to another, higher-ranking player in order to begin playing, and it is to your advantage to recruit new players to be under you. However, unlike as in a pyramid scheme, in Tiny Empires you are mobile. You are not locked in at the bottom if you’ve hesitated to join. Whenever it suits you, you can move to other, preferably shorter branches of the tree, taking your own sub-tree along! I’ve had to part ways with several lieges with apologies along the way, but so far no one has gotten upset. The game helps you get a few subjects so don’t worry too much if you’re not interested in active recruitment of new members.

I got my dads to join by getting them the HUD as a gift. Zell joined me two days ago. And several other nice people joined me after accepting some game-sanctioned “bribes”. Some of them have stayed. I attribute this to a brief IM thanking them and welcoming them to “my tiny empire”. *giggle*

The game is a HUD attachment which prompts your with zero to six essentially yes/no questions every three minutes. In theory you should be able to play it while attending to other business in SL or RL. I must admit that this kind of multi-tasking takes some practice… Ironically, I missed a turn writing that sentence, and several others while editing this post.

I swear I planned to write this post before I saw the review at NWN.

3 Responses
  1. Christian Welles :

    Date: January 11, 2008 @ 00:53

    I’m sure you’ll make Prince soon.. I’m a Prince Directly under Kris.

  2. Adz :

    Date: January 11, 2008 @ 01:04

    hehe thansk. gosh… everyone’s a prince.

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