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I’m back. Gramma’s was nice but i’m glad to be home.
Zell Dinkin is my special friend. He’s been in SL the same length of time as me, within one month. We met the same friends by coincidence, but it was a while before he and I met. Shortly after that, we danced together at The Vortex and I agreed to be his special friend. On April 1st, 2007, I gave him a pastel drawing (By Silas Merlin) of the two of us together, and asked him to be my SL partner. He said “How can i say no?” Since then, he and I both took time off of SL at various times for various lengths. Lately he’s been on a little more lately, and I’ve been glad to see him. We’ve been together as we’ve both changed families several times.
You can’t tell from these pictures, but Zell is undead. He likes blood and death and stuff like that. His skin is powder white. He has fangs, but he doesn’t bite me except sometimes I let him pretend. At our playhouse, there is a coffin for him to lay in. Even his stuffed animals look dead! He’s very different from me and I like that about him.



Zell is loyal and he sticks up for what he believes in. Like me he believes you should be able to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. He has little patience with bigots, hypocrites, and nosy, judgmental people. He gets very upset if anyone hurts his friends, and simply doesn’t let anyone talk down to him. You could say sometimes he holds grudges, but I know he lets go of them if someone trustworthy makes a good case that he should.
Today we tested out the Paradise Blanket that my daddies got me for Christmas. Later on we’re supposed to go dancing. I’m glad to spend time with him again.

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